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Just when you thought Obama's disastrous Iran deal couldn't get any worse, we learn that in order to protect the bad deal, Obama systematically disbanded units investigating Iran's terror-funding networks.  Not only that, but he also disbanded units investigating the state funding of terrorists by Syria and Venezuela. The Washington Free Beacon reports:
The Obama administration "systematically disbanded" law enforcement investigative units across the federal government focused on disrupting Iranian, Syrian, and Venezuelan terrorism financing networks out of concern the work could cause friction with Iranian officials and scuttle the nuclear deal with Iran, according to a former U.S. official who spent decades dismantling terrorist financial networks.

Foreign influence in elections is a long-standing tradition that has ramped up in recent decades with the growing influence of the regressive movement's focus on open borders, a global economy, and global citizenship. Years ago, I saw a story about European leftists demanding the right to vote in American elections, and I was appalled.  The logic was that because America is a—the—world leader, all the world's citizens should have a say in, and cast a countable vote for, who runs our country . . . and the world. U. S. meddling in foreign elections has always been explained as serving our national interests.  Sometimes it did.  Sometimes it didn't. Who can forget Hillary cackling gleefully about the death of Gaddafi?  Or Obama funneling taxpayer money to a left-leaning Israeli campaign infrastructure in an attempt to defeat Prime Minister Netanyahu?

Here's my Quick Hit in this morning's Morning Insurrection newsletter:
"THE END - It's strange to see Obama leave office. I started Legal Insurrection three weeks before the 2008 election. Our entire blog life has been about -- in varying degrees -- Obama. I'm glad to see him go, but it will be strange not having Obama to kick around anymore."
Here are some historical facts.

It’s official! Merkel will run for a fourth term as German Chancellor. After months of speculations, Chancellor Merkel has announced her decision to lead the Christian Democrats (CDU) in next year’s election. The chief architect of Europe’s open border policy, 62 year old politician has been at the helm of Germany for the last eleven years. President Obama dropped in to lend a helping hand. On the last leg of his presidency, U.S. President gave Merkel a “glowing endorsement” -- to quote London-based Financial Times -- as he toured Germany last week. Obama asked Germans to “appreciate” Merkel. “If I were here and I were German, and I had a vote, I might support her,” Obama told reporters in Berlin.

On October 14, 2016, Obama issued a "presidential policy directive" in which he laid out a multi-pronged approach "to promote engagement with the Cuban government and people, and make our opening to Cuba irreversible."  In this directive, Obama directs the Director of National Security to share intelligence with Cuba and to cooperate with Cuban intelligence. Members of Congress are concerned that U. S. intelligence will be shared by Cuba with Iran, particularly in light of Iran's recent assertion that it will "open a new chapter in relations with Cuba." The Washington Free Beacon reports:
Obama administration efforts to bolster the sharing of critical intelligence data with Cuba is likely to benefit Iran, which has been quietly bolstering its foothold in the country with the communist government’s approval, according to conversations with members of Congress and other sources familiar with the matter.

Yesterday, I wrote about today's Senate vote expected to override Obama's veto and today they voted overwhelmingly to do just that. Fox News reports:
The Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to overturn President Obama’s veto of a bill letting families of Sept. 11 victims sue the Saudi Arabian government, bringing Congress within reach of completing the first successful veto override of Obama’s presidency. The Senate voted 97-1 to reject the veto. The measure heads next to the House, where lawmakers will need to muster a two-thirds majority, as in the Senate, to override.

As Mary noted earlier this month, Obama's veto of the bill to allow 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia for its involvement is likely to be overridden by Congress.  The votes will occur this week:  in the Senate on Wednesday and in the House on Friday. ABC News reports:
For the first time in President Obama’s tenure, the Senate is set to override his veto of a bill that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts. The president vetoed the bill Friday, citing concerns that it could open the U.S. government to similar lawsuits.

I recently noted that President Obama's climate change edict for our national security strategists shows that he does not take warfare against American opponents seriously. However, the President takes citizen opposition very seriously. For example, he is unleashing one of his most potent tools against Americans opting out of purchasing Obamacare. Over 20 million Americans opted to pay a penalty rather that purchase health insurance. So, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has just sent them a formal letter suggesting they make a different choice.
...Getting a letter from the IRS can be a threatening and nerve-racking experience; it seldom is seen as a suggestion and more of a threat. But at President Obama’s direction, the IRS is “reaching out” to people who paid the tax penalty for not buying mandatory health insurance or who claimed an exemption in hopes of “attracting” more people to sign up for ObamaCare insurance. The government is particularly interested in compliance from healthy young people.

I recently noted that President Obama's recent order is forcing our military to focus on climate change in its strategic planning. This is a latest in a long-string of policies that are clearly full of holes, as shown by the fact that the U.S. Navy's much-heralded, futuristic stealth destroyer sprung a leak on its maiden voyage. Navy officials state that this situation is completely normal for new ships:
Crew members have detected a leak on the Zumwalt, the new destroyer built at Bath Iron Works, but the Navy and defense experts say such errors are typical for a first-in-class ship. The destroyer is docked at Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia, and local news organizations reported it was scheduled for training at sea. The Zumwalt instead will be delayed in Norfolk for repairs, which are expected to take 10 days to two weeks.

At last night's Congressional Black Caucus gala, Obama gave a speech in which he urged the black community to vote for Clinton in order to preserve his legacy and all the "progress we've made." The Hill reports:
President Obama called on the black community to show Hillary Clinton the same support it did for him in an impassioned speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation gala Saturday night. “We have achieved historic turnout in 2008 and 2012, especially in the African-American community. I will consider it a personal insult and an insult to my legacy if this community lets down its guard and fails to activate itself in this election," he said. "You want to give me a good send-off? Go vote."

"If you care about our legacy, realize everything we stand for is at stake. All the progress we’ve made is at stake in this election.

Apparently, some distant relative of Obama was among the scientists who discovered a new flatworm and decided to name it Baracktrema obamai. Popular Science reports: A new species of blood fluke was found infecting the lungs of turtles in Malaysia. This parasitic flatworm has been dubbed Baracktrema...

So far, we've had numerous terrorist attacks on our soil since 9/11, and several stand out as particularly horrific:  the Fort Hood terror attack, the Boston bombing, San Bernardino, and Orlando.  As a result of the felt increase in terror attacks on our own soil, Americans feel less safe from terrorism. According to Pew Research, a full 40% of the American public now feel that the ability of terrorists to launch a major attack is greater than it was on 9/11.  This is the highest this number has been in 14 years.
Currently, 40% of the public says that the ability of terrorists to launch another major attack on the United States is greater than it was at the time of the 9/11 attacks, which is the highest share expressing this view over the past 14 years. About a third (31%) say terrorists’ abilities to attack are the same as at the time of 9/11, while just 25% say their ability to initiate a major attack is less than at that time.
Pew attributes this growth to . . . Republicans.
The latest national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Aug. 23-Sept. 2 among 1,201 adults, finds that the growth in the belief that terrorists are now better able to launch a major strike on the U.S. has come almost entirely among Republicans. Today, 58% of Republicans view the ability of terrorists to attack as greater than at the time of 9/11, up 18 percentage points since November 2013.

Back in August, the Obama administration would not tell Congress how the U.S. paid $1.3 billion to Iran. The lawmakers asked questions after they learned that the administration paid $400 million as Iran released four American hostages. Well, on Tuesday, the administration finally told the lawmakers about the $1.3 billion. Officials transferred the money "through Europe on Jan. 22 and Feb. 5" the exact same way they sent the $400 million. Iran picked it up in Geneva, Switzerland.