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Obama Admits 12,486 Muslims and 68 Christians to the US in 2016

Obama Admits 12,486 Muslims and 68 Christians to the US in 2016

Some religions are more equal than others?

The Obama admin is allowing very few Christians from the Middle East and Northern Africa. The majority of the refugees are Muslims.

Townhall reports:

In a world where everyone must be equal and religious tolerance is now mandatory law, Barack Obama has invited 12,486 Muslims into the United States in 2016, while only deeming 68 Christians worthy of admission.

Of the 12,486, the vast majority are Sunni Muslims – 12,363 (98.2 percent) – while another 103 are identified as simply Muslims and a further 20 as Shi’a Muslims.

A concerning number of people coming from Syria (the bulk of refugees admitted into the United States) have been labeled by the United Nations.  According to the report, 4,806,702 million Syrians are registered as “persons of concern” in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and North Africa.


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buckeyeminuteman | October 5, 2016 at 1:42 pm

What’s the difference between a radical and a moderate Muslim? Radical Muslims would be happy to shoot you or blow you up. Moderate Muslims are content to pay radical Muslims to shoot you or blow you up. Call me a bigot if you will, but Islam is not compatible with democracy and Western values. This is going to get a lot of people killed.