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Obama’s gone, what do we write about now?

Obama’s gone, what do we write about now?

Obama by our numbers.

Here’s my Quick Hit in this morning’s Morning Insurrection newsletter:

THE END – It’s strange to see Obama leave office. I started Legal Insurrection three weeks before the 2008 election. Our entire blog life has been about — in varying degrees — Obama. I’m glad to see him go, but it will be strange not having Obama to kick around anymore.”

Here are some historical facts.

This website was started after an argument with a liberal friend in late August, 2008, after he learned I was not voting for Obama. At the end of the argument, he said he’d never heard anyone explain our side as clearly as I did, and I should start a blog. I took the bait. Eight years later, here we are.

The first post at Legal Insurrection on October 12, 2008 was about Obama, Obama is “Door No. 2”:

As in Let’s Make a Deal, choosing Door No. 2 carries great risks. So does choosing Obama.

Obama may be a post-racial healer, or he may be someone who carefully uses race and false accusations of racism to advance his political career. Obama may not have known about Jeremiah Wright’s political race-baiting, or he may have known but not cared. Obama may be someone who views this country as inherently good, or he may secretly share the views of his political enabler, William Ayers, that this country is inherently bad. We may know Obama better than Jeremiah Wright and William Ayers know Obama, or we may not know Obama at all.

Since that first post, there have been over 7,000 posts, and over 50,000 comments, using the word “Obama” in them.

I have so many favorite memories.

My favorite .gif is of Obama kicking open a door (it’s not *real*):

My favorite photo of Obama supporters, circa 2008, is this:

My favorite photo of a reaction to Obama was this, of a woman fainting at an Obamacare rally:

My favorite photoshop of Obama was the one we use for our Twitter account (courtesy reader Patricia):

My favorite Obama meme we created was:

My favorite anti-Obama bumper sticker was:

My favorite anti-Obama road sign was:

My favorite Branco cartoon about Obama was:

Okay, I couldn’t pick just one.

My favorite Obamamania video, Looking back at Madness: Sing for Change

Now he’s gone.

What do we do now?


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Thank you for this fantastic blog. It’s been a long road with President Obama, but you, your writer’s, cartoons, bumper stickers, videos, etc have been a continual life-line.

Speaking as one of the authors, my inbox is already stacked up with stories about all the winning we are doing now. We may look back longingly at the “quiet” era of Obama, as we are going to be very tired from reporting on all that winning.

Once I sober up from all the liberal tears I have consumed today, I will get right to work.

Hear! Hear! Wonderful blog over these past 8 years. Hopefully we won’t have to be eviscerating Trump.

When Richard Nixon said “You don’t have Nixon to kick around anymore!” he really did disappear … for a few years, at least. Will Obama leave that gracefully? HA!

Professor, you needn’t be concerned about material. I’m sore afraid that, like the Bad Penny and the Common Cold, we’re going to be stuck with the Kenyan (or is that “the Indonesian “) for a l-o-n-g time to come; he himself announced as much not once but several times in the last couple of months.

Don’t put your computer away just yet!

    We will always have Chelsea Obama to kick around.

    Now that his grubby hands are off the levers of power, the work deconstructing just who this traitorous fraud really is – and who it is that participated in enabling him/her/it – has just begun.

There will be plenty to write about.
You can make fun of the four-year-liberal-meltdown that officially started today. 😉

I think I speak for most LI readers when I say that we expect you to continue doing the work that MSM fails to do: report fairly.
We expect you to help us stay informed of all the things the new administration does for us, good or bad, but especially of any wrongdoings by that same administration.
It can’t be worse that Obama, but well informed citizens are the best defense for Democracy. Thank you and keep up the work work.

Johnny_Tremain | January 20, 2017 at 10:34 pm

Thanks professor – I stumbled upon this dandy during the midterms of 2010. Still enjoy the fireworks… Exiliado is right on the money – there are tons of things to write about – snowflake liberals deep in their own hypocrisy are too easy not to write about. Most importantly, you give a voice to actual media and actual journalism – keep up the good fight!

Professor Jacobson and Crew,

Legal Insurrection has been one of the first things I read in the morning (and I don’t even have to wipe coffee off the keyboard) and visit regularly. I hope to read more analysis of the coming legal wars as the country shifts from Obama Malaise to Trump Exceptionalism.

My popcorn is ready.

There will be plenty to write about, what with The Donald taking action and the entire press taking exception.

“What do we do now?”


That was easy.

Obama. I’m glad to see him go, but it will be strange not having Obama to kick around anymore.

Isn’t what they said about Nixon 50 years ago ?

You need to be just as hard on Trump as you were on Obama. There will be lots of things to criticize from a small government perspective.

    Othniel in reply to daitken. | January 21, 2017 at 1:33 am

    Very true! He wasn’t anywhere close to my first choice, and while I’m glad he won, we need to hold his feet to the fire.

legalizehazing | January 21, 2017 at 12:18 am

Just wrote a comment reflecting on this. It’s weird.

Thank you for your good work sir

Maybe Elizabeth Warren will start an exploratory committee for 2020.

A great blog, Professor Jacobson – it’s been a joy to participate in, and a joy to watch it (and you) grow in stature nationally.

When The Donald kicks out some of the corrupt democrat corporate media propagandists from their reserved seat at the White House press room (as promised) and replaces them with conservative representatives, hopefully he’ll remember Legal Insurrection.

    Thank you FineReport. This is an excellent suggestion. Exiliado and Johnny Tremain touch upon it also.

    How excellent would it be to have the finest Law translation/cliffnotes reporting directly.

What to write about? Oh, I’m sure there will be plenty of left-wing venality and hypocrisy to expose.

Also, there will be plenty to do to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire on SCOTUS appointment filibuster elimination, tax reform, the war against ISIS, and Obamacare repeal/replace.

Also, we’ve got to keep our eyes peeled for cronyism, pork-barreling, power accretion.

And, if you want to have some fun with something, well, California’s always an easy target.

All the winning, it will be yuge!

G. de La Hoya | January 21, 2017 at 6:28 am

Thanks for everything you do Professor Jacobson. I stumbled upon this blog shortly after its inception and it remains one of my favorite bookmarks. Your teaching does extend beyond your classroom walls. Thank you! 🙂

We just witnessed an actual “Legal Insurrection!” This LI blog played a HUGE role in many ways. Professor, you are a true patriot! Thank you for all the hard work you have put in here.

Thank you Professor Jacobson, for all the years and Life Hours you have given us here.

I woke this morning and thought much as your header, today is different, what am I going to do.

Then I realized, I’m not agitated or anxious, I don’t need to rush to see what new regulation might have made me criminal overnight.

Business and Law are in charge this morning. I may agree or disagree, I can buy or not, apply myself to changing Law if I think it unjust. My personal liberties are tattered but in place.

What I realized I can do today is get back to work.

Long live LI!

What do we do now? We keep a scorecard of Trump’s undoing of the damage Obama inflicted on us, as well as a separate scorecard of Trump’s other actions and accomplishments.

I was reflecting about all the talented writers who have graced your Blog, Professor. There are quite a few!

Have no fear, there will be PLENTY to write about, now that the MSM has rediscovered “investigative journalism”.

Please let us know how Mandy is doing?

Never fear. Obama apparently intends to set himself up as a shadow president just a couple of miles from the White House. There will be lots to write about. The best outcome of this would be his discovery that the Democrats no longer pay much attention to him, but who else do they have?

And of course, since Trump is not perfect, he will deserve criticism for something. At least here it will be measured criticism for real actions, not invented hysteria.

    Hyper-narcissist Chelsea Obama will be in quite a psychological crisis being out of power and out of the limelight. Look for two things:

    1-his/her/its grotesque self-relevancy campaign to “Make America Hate Again”; and
    2-Obama will come out as a transvestite.

    userpen in reply to tarheelkate. | January 21, 2017 at 4:01 pm

    I don’t want to see Obama, or read about Obama, or even think about Obama. I would very, very much like to forget about Obama.

      Agree – and don’t agree.

      Some questions need to be answered, or there will be another unknown, unvetted traitor elected president by young, indoctrinated fools:

      -Who really is “Barack Hussein Obama?” (What really is his past?)
      -Who put him in power? (That is, what enemy or enemies of the United States was behind him?)
      -Who controlled him during he held power?
      -What is the full scope of damage that he did that (damage secreted within the government?)

      And finally, is Michelle Obama really a man?

Post-game analysis is often a good idea.

I don’t think many really grasp what a yuge bullet the United States just dodged. Or how often the country has had similar narrow escapes in the past. 1800, 1854, 1917 … This is as good a time as any to examine it.

America remains a very improbable phenomenon. But not everybody’s interested in that stuff.

    The bullet dodged in 2016 was profoundly more damaging than any other ‘bullet’ the nation faced – even during the Civil War: there has never been a diseased, fraudulent actor and traitor in high office of this nation, of the likes we suffered for the past 8 years.

    Even during the chaos of the election of 1800, and even Civil War, the high, sturdy character of the people were much the same. Woodrow Wilson was bad news, but he was no traitor, and he was an accomplished man. Bad president, but he made it there by merit, and he was a loyal American.

    Obama is a filthy disease. Had an even worse and more filthy disease named Hillary Clinton taken power, we’d have been through – and 1800, 1854 and 1917 would be remembered as halcyon days.

    Obama needs to be exposed, and Clinton needs to be indicted. If not, we will have more of them.

Peggy Noonan’s column in the WSJ is a must-read, though it has an eerie ending. Trumps wins are our wins – he losses are out loses. If the democrats ever regain power of the House, they will impeach Trump, deserved, or not. Our nation really has a disease of leftism and its attendant fascism and indoctrination.

“The Trump Wars of the past 18 months do not now go away. Now it becomes the Trump Civil War, every day, with Democrats trying to get rid of him and half the country pushing back. To reduce it to the essentials: As long as Mr. Trump’s party holds the House, it will be a standoff. If the Democrats take the House, they will move to oust him.

“Because we are divided. We are two nations, maybe more.

“Normally a new president has someone backing him up, someone publicly behind him. Mr. Obama had the mainstream media—the big broadcast networks, big newspapers, activists and intellectuals, pundits and columnists of the left—the whole shebang. He had a unified, passionate party. Mr. Trump in comparison has almost nothing. The mainstream legacy media oppose him, even hate him, and will not let up. The columnists, thinkers and magazines of the right were mostly NeverTrump; some came reluctantly to support him. His party is split or splitting. The new president has gradations of sympathy, respect or support from exactly one cable news channel, and some websites.

“He really has no one but those who voted for him.

“Do they understand what a lift daily governance is going to be, and how long the odds are, with so much arrayed against him, and them?”

“he said he’d never heard anyone explain our side as clearly as I did, and I should start a blog”
. . .
and a fine blog of incredibly high standards it is. But why is it that so many lean so incoherently left, and remain there with rigor free stubbornness until, by some miracle, their attention span tolerates real dialog with someone who respectfully lays out an alternate view? [Maybe I should ask my favorite former liberal, the insightful and appealing]

Henry Hawkins | January 21, 2017 at 6:35 pm

Hey, maybe you could fluffify the blog like Ace of Spades, you know, dieting articles, photos of readers’ pets, gardening and cooking articles, or add celebrity stories like the The Daily Caller: Kate Upton Ends Her Silence On Alien Abduction! Another route is the digital peep show, sets of photos of nearly nude young women with a theme: underboobs, sexy redheads, girls with puppies, etc.

Or we could all thank our lucky stars that Legal Insurrection remains such a serious, yet entertaining news & opinion outlet. Every conservative blog lost its pole star when Obama’s term ended. Now conservative blogs enter the coffin nail era, pounding the final nails into the coffins holding political correctness, faux racism, faux sexism, and the like.

It will not be long before new targets emerge. Change is more certain than death and taxes. Both right and left constantly realign and adjust sails and rudders. Old actors die, new ones rise. Wild cards abide. There will always be a feast for the honest and serious conservative media industry.

JackRussellTerrierist | January 22, 2017 at 11:54 am

Professor, I see no good reason to stop kicking obastard around. He is going to park himself a few doors down from the White House so he can kibitz Trump up close and personal.

His name will come up frequently as his policies are unraveled.

I say let the beatings continue.

Mr Jacobson,

You and I know that you and you columnists and posters will write about other Black people in the Racist manner LI is famous for.