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If it's up to the liberal media, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta is just going to have to take a back seat: there's a budding new saint in town, and her name is Michelle Obama. Morning Joe began the canonization process today, beatifying the First Lady for her speech trashing Donald Trump over the stories about his personal behavior that have recently emerged. All the ongoing glorification of Mrs. Obama on the Morning Joe set was leavened with some unintentional humor from Joe Scarborough, who said of the First Lady's speech that "there was nothing calculated about it. This wasn't to help Hillary Clinton." Right. A speech delivered three weeks before the election. At a Hillary Clinton campaign event. At a podium festooned with a 'Clinton-Kaine' banner. But it was strictly "about daughters and mothers and women all across America." Hand another hanky over, will ya?

Today's opening segment of Morning Joe was one—long—gush-fest over First Lady Michelle Obama's speech to the DNC last night. The apotheosis of adulation came from Joe Scarborough, who said that the speech "reminded me of Ronald Reagan." Scarborough also had an "America love it or leave it" message for those who think our country needs to be made great again: "we are the last best hope for a dying world. If you can't get behind that message as a Republican or a Democrat, then let me buy you a ticket to another country." Wonder if Joe offered Michelle a ticket out back in 2008 when she said that "for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country?"

In the past few weeks, concerns about the Zika virus have caused Today host Savannah Guthrie and U.S. cyclist Tejay van Garderen to cancel their plans to go to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. A new study may cause other athletes to reconsider their sports ambitions.
Scientists have found dangerous drug-resistant "super bacteria" off beaches in Rio de Janeiro that will host Olympic swimming events and in a lagoon where rowing and canoe athletes will compete when the Games start on Aug. 5. The findings from two unpublished academic studies seen by Reuters concern Rio's most popular spots for tourists and greatly increase the areas known to be infected by the microbes normally found only in hospitals. They also heighten concerns that Rio's sewage-infested waterways are unsafe.

A little over a year ago I reported that a Food Justice Warrior had been appointed "School Lunch Czar" to shake-up the signature program promoted by First Lady Michelle Obama. Prior to that appointment, students across the country ran a #ThanksMichelleObama campaign to share pictures of the unappetizing meals being served. More recent tweets show....that the Food Czar has been less than effective. I got a hollow chicken nugget in my school lunch #ThanksMichelleObama — Henry (@henrytheisen) March 18, 2016

At a town hall event in Louisiana yesterday, President Obama was asked by an attendee if first lady Michelle Obama would ever consider running for president. His answer was a strong no. ABC News reported:
Obama Says Michelle Obama Will Not Run for President It used to be that death and taxes were the only certain things in life, but for President Barack Obama there is a third: Michelle Obama will not run for president. With Obama now in his final year in office, the focus naturally has shifted to who will succeed him. At a town hall event Thursday with Louisiana residents, Obama was asked if there's any chance he could talk the first lady into running. His answer? An emphatic "no."

The mainstream media is having a lot of fun reporting that Hillary is this year's Gallup "Most Admired Woman" for a "record 20th time." What they are leaving out, however, is that it appears that the long list of scandals and controversies that have plagued her since leaving her position as Secretary of State in early 2013 may be catching up with her (read LI's Hillary coverage here). When one looks more closely at the Gallup poll, it becomes clear that while still topping the list, Hillary has fallen quite sharply since December 2012. Take a look at the following:

As part of the Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' fifth anniversary, the First Lady challenged people nationwide to #GimmeFive. #GimmeFive is meant to encourage people to share five ways they're living healthy lifestyles. President Obama joined the challenge when he shared his five favorite healthy habits. And so the First Lady responded to the President's challenge to "#GimmeFive FLOTUS-style." With the help of her personal trainer, Cornell McClellan, Mrs. Obama jumps rope, lifts weights, and beats the hell out of a punching bag in the White House gym.

Michelle Obama made waves this week with her decision to not wear headscarf during her visit to Saudi Arabia. Although reactions to her decision were mixed, the reaction on social media gave birth to a hashtag accusing the first lady of immodesty---a heady violation in one of the few remaining countries requiring women to cover their heads in public. Via Politico:
On Twitter, Saudis used a hashtag that translates to “#Michelle_Obama_Immodest” or “#Michelle_Obama_NotVeiled” to chastise the first lady for being disrespectful to Saudi traditions. ... Some on Twitter noted that Obama had covered her hair during a visit to a mosque in Indonesia and wondered why she hadn’t done the same, Egypt’s Ahram Online noted, while one woman urged fellow Saudis not to “make Obama angry at us.” The first lady’s office had no comment on her attire.
Twitter is still chirping about it:

Warning: what you are about to see is...gross. Mystery mush and other questionable "food" offerings being served to teens at public schools have made their way online, and the results are hilarious (and a little sad.) Less than impressed by the First Lady's school lunch program, teens are tweeting pictures of their school lunches using the hashtag #ThanksMichelleObama, as Buzzfeed pointed out. The Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act passed in 2010 and championed by Michelle Obama is responsible for new restrictions on school lunches. Restrictions include limitations on sugar and caloric intake, and also require more veggies. Last month, the Washington Examiner reported, "the nation’s school boards are joining in to demand that the Obama administration let them off the hook of serving the costly and tasteless meals." The Examiner also reported the results of a survey that clearly indicated the meals are a not only gross, but a waste of money:
The survey of school leaders revealed: — 83.7 percent of school districts saw an increase in plate waste. — 81.8 percent had an increase in cost. — 76.5 percent saw a decrease in participation by students. — 75 percent of school leaders want an increase in federal funding for school districts to comply with the new standards. — 60.3 percent want flexibility for school districts to improve their ability to provide good nutrition without harm to instruction, personnel, and other school district operations.
With that in mind, it's easy to understand why the kids being served these meals weren't too terribly excited about eating their science experiments Michelle Obama-approved lunches:

Two months after 276 school girls were kidnapped in Nigeria by the Boko Haram Islamic terror organization, the massive worldwide hashtag diplomatic effort has, unsurprisingly, failed to resolve the issue. Brigadier General Ibrahim Sabo, the chairman of the government's fact-finding committee on the kidnapping, said in a statement Friday that 57 of the girls have been reunited with their families. But over 200 still remain hostages of the Islamic terror group. You may recall that despite many other international crises in the world, First Lady Michelle Obama and other celebrities decided to make the schoolgirls' kidnapping their cause du jour in May. Unfortunately, with American influence on the wane all across the globe -- the Boko Haram Islamic terrorists were not swayed by the social media diplomacy that the Obama Administration seems to relish. The White House ordered some drones to Nigeria to help with intelligence gathering -- but that hasn't borne fruit.

Michelle Obama, the Joan of Arc leading the crusade against food freedom, brags in this week's US Magazine to enjoying fried twinkies in Iowa! The magazine published a feature about Michelle entitled "Exclusive: First Lady Michelle Obama: 5 Things You Don't Know about Me." From the...

How many designer blouses could the taxpayers buy Michelle Obama in exchange for the cost of her Spanish vacation?  Anne Sorock That's right, the taxpayers could have taken the $467,585 they spent for Michelle's summer vacay to Spain and purchased 492 of Ann Romney's much discussed Reed...

From The Hill comes a report that Michelle Obama's failure to wait for her husband before leaving for vacation has cost the taxpayers $63,000, FLOTUS Chows At The Taxpayers' Trough:First lady Michelle Obama didn't feel like waiting around cold, boring old Washington, D.C., for her...