Michelle Obama had her final White House interview with Oprah Winfrey and bemoaned President-elect Trump’s victory with a series of silly, solipsistic observations.

Despite her husband’s naive and childish approach to the presidency, she wants a “grown up” in charge, and despite the horrific results of Obama’s failed policies, she claims that she now understands what it’s like to have no hope.

Fox News reports:

The First Lady used her final interview in the White House to tell Oprah Winfrey that a ‘grown up’ should be in charge of the country.

Looking forward to president-elect Trump’s looming inauguration, she said even though hope was lost, it was necessary to move on.

‘Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like. Hope is necessary,’ she said in her first direct response to the November 9 election result.

Here’s the clip:

Apparently, the soon to be former First Lady is unaware of recent polls showing that Americans feel a great deal of hope with the election of President-elect Trump.

Fox News reports:

Twice as many American voters feel hopeful as feel depressed about the outcome of the election.  More feel relieved than scared.  Some feel empowered and excited, but plenty feel embarrassed or angry.

These are some of the findings of the latest Fox News Poll of registered voters nationwide.

More than one-third of voters have a positive outlook for Trump: 25 percent expect him to be an “above average” president and 11 percent say he’ll be one of the country’s “greatest.”

. . . . The new poll, released Wednesday, also finds 59 percent of voters feel hopeful about the outcome of the election.  That’s more than feel relieved (50 percent), embarrassed (45 percent), excited (43 percent), scared (41 percent), or empowered (41 percent).  About one-third feels angry (37 percent) or depressed (30 percent).

But then, the Obamas never seemed very interested in what Americans actually want, think, feel, or need.