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Someone who could defeat Hillary in the primaries … easily

Someone who could defeat Hillary in the primaries … easily

Run, _______, Run!

Not Elizabeth Warren. 

Warren could defeat Hillary, but it would be a slugfest because there is no way Warren could insulate herself from attacks by the Clinton machine and media sycophants.

There’s only one person who would have what it takes to make the media tingle, and who would be insulated from Democratic Party attacks.

All she would have to do is announce that she’s thinking about it, and all the air would be sucked out of Ready for Hillary and the other big money Hillary shadow groups.

It would be the biggest sucking sound since ….

But as of now, she’s not running. Or even thinking about it (?).

(Featured Image: Hillary Clinton at 1992 Inaugural Ball, credit Henry Dunay via Wikimedia Commons)


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That would make complete sense. The Obamas are Peronists, and would be following in the footsteps of the Kirchners in Argentina.

Ahh yes, two ladies and you could scrub the ‘ladies’ if this scenario did bloom AND both from Chicago. WWRD (What Will Rahm Do)?

Quite sure that Hillary’s war troops, have already started on dirt digging Michelle.

Michelle is blessed for the fact of, she has the NSA on taxpayer dollars, to do the same on Hillary.

Perish the thought(s)on both of ’em BUT, such is life in the USA today.

She’s just as qualified as her husband was.

If Michelle announces her candidacy, the first sound you will hear will be a wail of despair from Hillary.

Path to the White House through American history:

1. Accomplishment

2. Vice Presidency

3. Fitst Lady

4. What’s left?

9thDistrictNeighbor | February 18, 2014 at 10:35 am

I don’t think that Michelle has to run to disrupt Hilary’s campaign. There’s obviously no love lost between the Clintons and the Obamas, just as there is no love lost between Hillary and Bill. Michelle only has to agitate and spout her opinions…just like Bill surely will—an insider’s ‘Operation Chaos.’

I predicted this some time back. I was dead serious.

MouseTheLuckyDog | February 18, 2014 at 11:49 am

With luck, these two will pummel each other so badly that that “shotgun” Joe Biden will win the nomination.

Reasons why Michelle will not win if she runs:
1) White liberals have already proven they are not racist by voting for a black person twice. Now to win a black person has to give them a reason.
2) College and post-College people are starting to realize that cursing out the interviewer is not the best way to get a job, and that there is similar principle in macroeconomics.
3) Even if they delay the mandate for businesses, Obamacare will still be a big fiasco and drag on the economy.
4) The new first time voters, a demographic that was critical for Obama, will remember their crappy school lunches ala Michelle.

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | February 18, 2014 at 12:13 pm

How fun. Would Hillary become merely enraged, or would she slip into full throated psychiatric derangement, if she had the nomination “stolen” from her by both Obamas. If I were Bubba I’d keep the secret service guys happy.

It was no accident that Hillary lost the nomination in ’08 to a nobody who came from out of nowhere. She is no more loved within her own party now than she was then. If the Clinton’s couldn’t get it done while near the apex of their political influence what makes anybody believe they’ll be able to get it done another seven years down the road?

HRC was effectively put in a box that kept her from being able to build further political capital. The Clinton loyalists were forced to move on in one form or another as a matter of self-preservation. The Clinton machine of lore ain’t what it used to be if it even exists at all. Bill Clinton quit building political capital long ago. He still runs the campaign circuit, but for cash not future favors. Who owes the Clintons much of anything these days?

Sammy Finkelman | February 18, 2014 at 12:27 pm

Michelle Obama is not perceived as a politician. She’d go nowhere, except maybe for black voters, and that’s not enough. Barack Obama really has no obvious successor.

By 2024 Malia Ann will only be 26. There will have to be a regency.

Phillep Harding | February 18, 2014 at 2:09 pm

The candidate does not matter. The machine does.

With the right machine, a ham sandwich could get nominated, and perhaps elected.


The only semi-positive thing I could say about Michelle is that she is equally as qualified as her husband to be POTUS.


Holy Mooch! What if she actually WON? After foolishly hoping that Barry would beat Hillary because he couldn’t win the general election, I’m leery of that scenario! What a potential disaster!

History shows us that an open nomination is very difficult to predict nearly three years out from the election. Democrats are less likely than Republicans to nominate “the next guy in line.” And far more likely to end up with a nominee no one predicted three years in advance: Humphrey, McGovern, Carter, Dukakis, Clinton, and Obama were all unexpected this far ahead. Kerry was in the first tier after Gore lost, but if Dean hadn’t imploded it might have been a different story then, too.

FWIW Michelle has been asked about her interest in running for political office in several “women’s magazine” type interviews (the mags that always have fresh floral arrangements and cake recipes + diet tips on the front).

She has repeatedly said she is not interested in running for political office and that she does not have the temperament for it. The President agreed with her self-assessment.

IMHO Michelle is willing to play nice to support her hubby’s agenda, but would not be tolerant of the constant scrutiny and criticism that is part and parcel of political office. Of course she has withstood quite a bit of criticism as First Lady – some of it warranted – some of it not, but it would be nothing like she’d get if she were to actually toss her hat in the ring. Michelle is an excellent politician’s wife. She is not a politician.

    That little extra “vacation” Michelle had in Hawaii with Oprah, Valerie Jarret, and Eric Holders wife wasn’t a quilting bee.

    2 of those three are primarily responsible for her unqualified husband to be where he is.

    Holders wife controls the voting process.

Of course she’s planning to run. I’ve been predicting it since shortly after the 2012 election. Bad news for Deval Patrick, who I think was hoping to be the 0bama machine’s candidate. Michelle likes living in the White House.

TrooperJohnSmith | February 19, 2014 at 4:01 am

Oh, man… think about it!

If these two lying women and their lying husbands went at it in a political race, the lies they would tell would be enough to embarrass the devil and cause the ghost of the architect of the Big Lie himself, Josef Goebbels, to have a spontaneous orgasm.


Subotai Bahadur | February 19, 2014 at 2:42 pm

Keep in mind that within the Democratic party, this is a contest between two machines; Clinton -v- Obama. Reminds me in no small measure of Trotsky -v- Stalin. At the same time, in the Republicans there is the Institutional -v- TEA Party battle, which may be akin to the Tory -v- Patriots of an earlier era.

On the Democratic side, if it is decided that the Obama’s want to use the Evita gambit to keep in power[*]; Hillary’s continued health will be an issue to watch carefully. I don’t expect pickaxes, but accidents do happen. They surely did during Bill Clinton’s administration, so Hillary definitely will be cognizant of the risks.

[*- possible, but I am rather expecting either massive election fraud unanswered by the Republicans (see or just a “suspension” if that is decided, more than the Evita gambit.]

Subotai Bahadur