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There has been a quite a bit of social media debate on Melania Trump's Christmas decor this year. America's glamorous First Lady focused on the magic of the season with her arrangements.
“The White House at Christmas traditionally has been a magical place for children,” The White House Historical Association explains. Since the 1800s, the White House has been home to Christmas trees (except under conservationist Teddy Roosevelt), elaborate decorations, and many Christmas parties and festivities.

America's First Ladies have historically selected an area of focus during their husband's tenure as president.  Nancy Reagan chose the war on drugs ("Just Say No"), Laura Bush chose literacy and education, Michelle Obama chose nutrition and exercise.  First Lady Melania Trump announced that as First Lady her focus would be on curbing bullying in K-12 education, particularly cyberbullying. The Guardian reported at the time:
Melania Trump, whose husband has built a public profile partly around his vulgar and offensive Twitter account, called for a gentler and kinder America on Thursday, where children can spend time on social media without fear of harassment. In a rare public appearance, Trump portrayed her husband as a devoted family man with “deep love and respect” for all Americans with a speech intended to help soften his public image with women.

2017, a most ridiculous time to be alive. Wednesday, internet sleuths thought they were really on to something -- the "Melania Trump" standing next to the president was not in fact Melania, they claimed. Dressed in a trench coat and sporting a fab pair of sunglasses, someone whose TV has jacked up aspect ratio decided the difference in appearance was substantial enough to suggest the first lady had a body double.

The leftstream media is trolling the White House bigly over Ivana Trump's joke about being the "first lady." Having first decided there was something fishy about First Lady Melania Trump's decision to let her and the president's youngest son finish his school year in New York before moving to the White House, then created a flurry of accusations that Melania secretly hates her husband and won't hold his hand, they've now landed on an imagined insult to her from Trump's first wife, Ivana. The headlines: CBS News: Ivana Trump's "first lady" comment causes stir with first lady Melania Trump Slate:  Melania Trump Blasts Ivana Trump After She Calls Herself “First Lady”

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump boarded Air Force One this morning (yes, I covered the left losing its mind over her freaking shoes) to survey the damage and speak to Texas officials about recovery. From Fox News:
“We want to do it better than ever before,” Trump said of the recovery. “We want to be looked at in five years or ten years from now as this is the way to do it.”

Riots have erupted in Hamburg in the backdrop of the G20 Summit -- a meeting of world leaders representing the leading economic powers -- that began early today. Around 100,000 left-wing activists and anarchists have reportedly descended on the city to protest the summit. Before the summit could even begin, ninety police officers were injured in the clashes with rioters. A “central part of Hamburg has been transformed into a fortress” reported Germany State-run DW News.

While President Trump was working to have the Muslim nations drive out terrorists and negotiating to have NATO nations pay-up for their defense, First Lady Melania Trump was dazzling the world with grace, class, and dignity. The First Lady has not yet moved into the White House, so seeing her in formal venues has been rare until now. However, if the past 9 days have been any indication, Americans will soon be under the spell of President Trump's beautiful wife.

President Donald Trump has arrived in Israel, which he will visit for two days. In fact, his flight to Israel from Saudi Arabia is the first non-stop flight between the two countries that have no diplomatic ties. We will publish updates on Trump's visit, a truly historic one since Israel remains our most important ally in the Middle East. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and his wife Nechama and Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife Sara greeted Trump and First Lady Melania Trump as the two descended from Air Force One.

While some of the elite Hollywood types complain about President Donald Trump's victory, others have come to embrace it and let it humble them a little. I reported about how it opened actress Jennifer Garner's eyes, but it also opened designer Tom Ford's eyes:
“Oddly, it made me want to come back even more,” Ford told Women’s Wear Daily, which reported that the designer recently bought a house in Los Angeles. “We have a tremendous number of people in this country who feel disenfranchised and clearly we are not relating to or speaking to them. I am at my core American, and it made me want to come back. It didn’t make me want to run away.”
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