After Andy Lassner, a producer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, tweeted the other day that he’s “way more afraid of another Melania getting in to this country than” he is of the thousands of migrants in the caravan marching towards the U.S. border.

First Lady Melania Trump’s office tweeted him an invite to her gathering of children at the White House to talk about kindness and screen the movie Wonder.

You can guess how this man child responded.

I mean, who wouldn’t want another Melania? Not only is she gorgeous, but she is well educated and can speak five languages fluently. She has class and grace and came to the country legally.

Here is the response from Melania’s office:

Man child Lassner couldn’t drop the snark:

Grisham told Lassner to check his facts before he arrives because Melania explained that jacket during an ABC interview last week. But actual facts don’t matter, right? It’s all about YOUR facts.

Lassner has a history of making rude comments to Melania:

The event went off without a problem as Trump hosted 30 sixth-graders from a local school. She chose the movie Wonder because of its positive message to be kind to others as the kid in the movie has a facial deformity, which causes people to bully him. From The Washington Examiner:

Trump asked the students how they showed their peers kindness and then encouraged them to respect each other in person and online.

“As you may know, October is National Bullying Prevention Month and I encourage everybody to be kind to each other, to treat each other with respect in every day life and social media. Can you do that?” she said.

People have questioned her sincerity since President Donald Trump has a history of attacking his political foes. Melania “has acknowledged she’s aware of the skepticism, but said it won’t stop her from trying to combat the issue.”


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