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Guess what you guys. President Joe Biden is racist. President Joe Biden is xenophobic. President Joe Biden hates Indians. Isn't that true since Biden banned travel from India since the country has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases? That's how Biden and the left described President Donald when he banned travel from China and Europe at the beginning of the pandemic.

The Algemeiner “was founded in 1972 by famed journalist Gershon Jacobson as Der Algemeiner Journal and was originally published in Yiddish.” It’s one of the leading “Jewish” publications, more moderate in its politics than some others, and a source we frequently link to for matters regarding the anti-Israel movement on campuses.

Over the weekend, Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) unveiled its list of the Top 40 Global Advocates for Israel Online and it included a name familiar to Legal Insurrection readers: LI author Vijeta Uniyal. How did an Indian man, a resident of Germany (though currently in South Africa for work-related reasons), with little to no exposure to Jews and Israel become one of the internet's foremost advocates for Israel?