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Some interesting developments in the case of James Damore, the Google Senior Software Engineer who now is a former Google Senior Software Engineer. He was fired after Google reacted badly to Damore's memo challenging explanations for the relative lack of women in software engineering. The memo was grossly misrepresented as being anti-diversity and anti-female in both the mainstream and tech media. The most senior Google executives joined in that tactic. One of the worst posts was by the CEO of Google's YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, who used her daughter as a prop to attack Damore:

The controversy regarding Google (former) employee James Damore may have peaked, but it's not going away. Most of the mainstream and tech media coverage has been completely dishonest. As mentioned in my first post about the diversity memo Damore wrote, the media was describing the memo and Damore as being "anti-diversity." That plainly was false, as I wrote in Google Senior Engineer commits diversity heresy:

There is no religious doctrine as unassailable as the claim that differences in achievement in areas where women and/or racial/ethnic minorities are UNDERrepresented is caused by systemic sexism/racism etc. That religious doctrine, however, never is applied to fields in which women and/or racial/ethnic minorities are OVERrepresented. The claim that differences in outcome are caused by discrimination drives the "diversity" agenda on campuses and at companies. That one might support diversity as a goal, yet question whether the problem is systemic discrimination and whether MORE discrimination really is the answer, is considered heresy and is punishable by firing, harassment, and on campuses, being shouted down.

The families of the Orlando nightclub shooting victims filed a federal complaint against the web giants for allegedly providing "material support" to ISIS and helping terrorist Omar Mateen "radicalize", according to an exclusive report by Fox News. Why not sue Mateen's internet service provider? Or the manufacturer of the web-enabled devises he used to "radicalize" himself? This is akin to blaming the gun for the actions of the shooter.

Some prankster recently changed the name of Trump Tower on Google Maps to Dump Tower. Was it a hack, or could someone on the inside at Google have done it? In any case, it's been fixed. PIX News reported:
Google fixes NYC Trump Tower name after changed to ‘Dump Tower’ on Google Maps Google has fixed Trump Tower's name after an unknown person changed the midtown building's label on Google Maps for several hours on Saturday.

Pallywood is the cottage industry of Palestinians and Palestinian supporters who concoct facts in order to start viral anti-Israel narratives, such as the false claim that Israel opened dam gates to flood Gaza, and a myriad of other false claims. Pallywood is an important part of the propaganda war on Israel. Recently, there were claims and internet fury that Google had "removed Palestine" from the map. The claim started at least as far back as January 2016, but didn't pick up steam until recently, when the accusation was spread far and wide. It appears to have started with the Palestine Journalists Forum, as reported by Middle East Monitor, in a column shared over 25,000 times on Facebook, Google slammed for removing Palestine from its maps: