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As the number of reported measles cases escalates across the US, it is interesting to note that a case of the highly contagious disease has hit a Big Tech headquarters.
Google employees may have been exposed to measles after a San Mateo resident diagnosed with the virus “spent some time” at the Mountain View headquarters within the last couple of weeks, health officials said.

The gender wage gap is a myth that has been debunked repeatedly. Despite bushels of evidence contradicting any disparage in wages based solely on gender, it's remained a favorite progressive talking point and part of the neo-feminism cannon since it was introduced by the Obama White House. In any case, Google set out to address what they believed was a gender wage gap negatively impacting its female employees only to find they were actually paying men less for similar work.

From Big Tech taking orders from the questionable SPLC to the Big Tech coordinated removal of Alex Jones from social media, from YouTube "fact-checking" climate change materials and PragerU to Facebook and Twitter shadow-banning and/or suspending conservative and right-leaning voices, Big Tech has been in full censorship mode in recent months. Their targets are almost exclusively Republicans, conservatives, and those who identify as right-leaning. President Trump came out strongly against Big Tech, stating that "Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen."

I blogged last week that Seattle's city council pulled its head tax less than a month after the members passed it after legitimate pressure from Amazon, Starbucks, and other businesses. I detailed in my blog the trouble with unnecessary corporate taxes such as fewer new jobs and less expansion. Despite this, the cities that make up California's infamous Silicon Valley wants to pass its own head tax.

Information came out about the YouTube shooter overnight that will surely make the story disappear. The shooter was an Iranian-born female who held anti-capitalist, animal rights views. She used a pistol, not an AR-15. It also looks like the police may have been able to prevent the shooting. Nasim Aghdam, who came to America from Iran with her family in 1996, injured three people at YouTube headquarters before she killed herself. Her dad told numerous outlets that he warned police "she might be headed to YouTube because she 'hated' the company." Police confirmed they interviewed Aghdam Tuesday morning...and let her go.

A Russian-linked operation different from the Kremlin-linked troll farms that spent bank on Facebook ads, dropped tens of thousands of dollars placing ads on YouTube, GMail, and other Google platforms. Their goal? Presumably to interfere in the 2016 election.

After the Charlottesville riots and killing of a woman, the Google firing of James Damore seems like it took place years ago. But it was just a week ago. While Charlottesville will dominate the headlines and political debate in coming weeks, the Google firing of Damore retains its significance, as it reflects a trend that has been most pronounced on campuses in recent years, but has moved into the corporate world and political culture. If anything, Ritual Shaming as a means of controlling speech will get even worse after Charlottesville.