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Lobsters have gone from being considered "trash" food fit only for servants, the poor, and cats to being a much-loved, often expensive delicacy. Everyone has heard the myth that lobsters "scream" when tossed in a pot of boiling water—they don't, they have no vocal cords, but research does indicate that lobsters (and crabs) may feel pain. It is on this basis that Switzerland passed a law last year banning the boiling of live lobsters.  The law goes into effect on March 1st.

Democrats have spent years trying to "Raise the Wage" for workers in entry-level and part-time jobs, to no avail. Their approach was all wrong. Though they successfully installed minimum wage hikes in blue locals, the exact population they sought to help experienced layoffs, hour cuts, and even store closures as a result of the mandated wage increases (we've cataloged this ongoing story extensively). Thanks to recent changes in tax laws, Starbucks employees will finally get the wage bumps Democrats have spent years trying to deliver.

Despite its status as a blue state, a special set of entrepreneurs have figured out how to market one of Washinton's iconic products: Coffee. Perhaps inspired by the "Hooters" model for chicken wings, scantily clad women serve up delicious caffeinated drinks and a smile. The successful business model, however, was drawing concerns that criminal elements were attracted to bikini baristas.

As a work from home mom with a toddler and a puppy, I was heartened to read that my caffeine addiction (though I'd argue it's more of a necessity during this stage of life) might not be so terrible for my health after all. A recent study found that drinking 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day, or what's considered "moderate amounts" does more good than harm to the human body. Drink more than 4 cups a day? That might not be harmful, but the benefits of coffee drinking become less pronounced.
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