I have been known to be drink $4 Ithaca lattes, if visiting Legal Insurrection readers pay.

So when reader David threw a pity party for me after Amazon dumped us, and offered to send me some coffee from his family business, I was like: If you insist.

Wow, he didn’t just send me coffee, he sent me the mother lode.

Turn’s out David’s family coffee business, King Harv’s Imperial Coffees, specializes in exotic coffees. David provided this info:

King Harv’s Imperial Coffees roasts one of the largest selections of rare and unusual coffees in the world. We are a family business, and have been roasting coffee since 2002. My awesome father Harvey, a retired teacher and vice principal, has had the nickname “King” for many years, and is the source of our unusual name. We feature free shipping on any and all orders within the USA. Our website is www.kingharv.com.

The little black bag of Ethiopia Limu is pre-ground for you (just in case you did not have a grinder) that should get you through until your grinder arrives for the rest. The Limu is a very interesting coffee that has natural Key Lime overtones added to the usual Ethiopian pungency. Check out the aroma when you open it; it’s hard to miss.

The Ethiopian Limu coffee was fantastic.

I generally prefer lighter roasts, since most dark roasts are bitter and harsh. The Ethiopian Limu, however, was a dark roast that was not the least bit bitter.

I haven’t tried the others yet, as I needed to go out and buy a coffee grinder. Which I did, a Krups grinder from, ahem, Walmart.com, for the same price as Amazon with free 2-day shipping without having to pay an annual fee.

Like the Ethiopian Limu coffee, I’m not the least bit bitter.

Update 6-8-2018:

I’ve now tried the Nepal coffee. Superb. My fear is now that I’ve gone King Harv’s Imperial Coffee, I’ll never go back.


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