There is nothing new under the sun, except for maybe this weird hyper-environmentalist song about reducing cow farts, purposely created and filmed as part of a sustainability ad campaign for Burger King.

Tuesday, Burger King released an online ad to promote their latest sustainability initiative — feeding cows lemongrass to help reduce cow burps and farts which produce methane gas which we’re told is responsible for global warming or climate change, or whatever we’re calling it these days.

The ad could be some next level 4D parody for all I know because it literally checks every possible climate change propaganda box possible: melting ice, a Low Carbon Land county fair (bet that’s a load of fun), kids singing about the climate, buzzwords aplenty, Burger King jumping on the guilt bandwagon by concluding with a perfectly woke slogan, “Since we’re part of the problem, we are working to be part of the solution.” I’m just surprised there was no recompense from the child cowboys for the illegal acquisition of native lands, because that’s all that’s missing from this strange video.


The comments were the disaster you would expect:

But I think this pirate man really nailed it:


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