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I was wondering what happened to Florida reader and coffee roaster David after Hurricane Ian. He found his own way of letting me know he's okay, shipping me unannounced his Hurricane Category 5 blend. Oh, Florida Man....

Cancel culture has come for a New England favorite. Brigham's brand ice cream is dropping the word "jimmies" and substituting "sprinkles" because someone, somewhere has claimed that jimmies has its roots in racism. "Jimmies" is what sprinkles are commonly called in New England, particularly Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Nothing is safe anymore.

Is 2020 an adjective yet? Because this is so 2020. Fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken will drop their signature "finger lickin' good" slogan saying the “slogan doesn’t feel quite right" during a pandemic. Instead, they'll just go with "it's good!" which is just lame. But they didn't ask me.

Cities and local municipal governments are typically the worst offenders in the realm of individual liberty. They make everything from hair braiding to giving meals to the homeless to a pop-up lemonade stand illegal but for proper permit. Country Time Lemonade has their own legal aide program that promises to help out kiddos who find themselves on the wrong side of the law for their lemonade purveying endeavors (up to $300.00). Currently, non-permitted lemonade stands are only legal in 14 states. "Pathetic" doesn't quite cover it.

It has been 7 months since the famous purveyor of caffeinated confection, Starbucks, declared their bathrooms "open to the public" without the need to purchase their products. Data suggests that the virtue signaling isn't working out as well as hoped by the corporate leaders. A New York Post team investigated several Manhattan bathrooms and found that there wasn't an open stall.

"Do not eat any romaine lettuce, including whole heads and hearts, chopped, organic and salad mixes with romaine until we learn more."...