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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the hottest commodity in the progressive movement, and arguably in the Democratic Party. The New York Democratic Socialist stunned the Democrat elite by defeating Joe Crowley, the number 4 Democrat in the House and a likely future Speaker of the House if Democrats regained control, in a primary.

Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe, November 27, 2003, Giving thanks for the 'invisible hand':
Isn’t there something wondrous — something almost inexplicable — in the way your Thanksgiving weekend is made possible by the skill and labor of vast numbers of total strangers? To bring that turkey to the dining room table required the efforts of thousands of people — the poultry farmers who raised the birds, of course, but also the feed distributors who supplied their nourishment and the truckers who brought it to the farm, not to mention the architect who designed the hatchery, the workmen who built it, and the technicians who keep it running. The bird had to be slaughtered and defeathered and inspected and transported and unloaded and wrapped and priced and displayed. The people who accomplished those tasks were supported in turn by armies of other people accomplishing other tasks — from refining the gasoline that fueled the trucks to manufacturing the plastic in which the meat was packaged.

The newest video from Prager University is hosted by Dennis Prager himself and is as entertaining as it is enlightening. For the subject, Prager examines the differences between socialism and capitalism with an eye to the stereotype propagated by many on the left that capitalism makes people selfish.

Coca-Cola has become the latest victim of socialism as the company announced it will no longer develop its product in Venezuela. Without sugar, they can only produce sugar free Coca-Cola. From CBS News:
The Atlanta-based company said in an emailed statement Friday said that its production of sugar-sweetened beverages will be suspended in the coming days after local suppliers reported they had run out of the raw material. Sugar-free beverages are not affected and the company said its offices and distribution centers remain open in Venezuela.