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Pro-Marxism Prof Blames Capitalism for Rise in American Homelessness

Pro-Marxism Prof Blames Capitalism for Rise in American Homelessness

“for-profit systems like capitalism create a disparity between those who can gain access to housing and those who cannot”

Is there any societal ill that the far left doesn’t blame on capitalism? Note that this is an economics professor.

Campus Reform reports:

Marxism-promoting prof blames capitalism for rise in US homelessness

An economics professor claimed that the rise of American homelessness is the fault of capitalism in a recent radio interview.

Richard Wolff, a professor at the New School in New York City, argued during Sputnik News’ Loud and Clear podcast that for-profit systems like capitalism create a disparity between those who can gain access to housing and those who cannot. Wolff is a member of the advisory board for Rethinking Marxism, an academic journal that “seek[s] to discuss, elaborate, and/or extend Marxian theory” and is “interested in promoting Marxian approaches to social theory.”

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that if poor people are unable to pay high prices for homes or high rents for apartments, and then [sic] there isn’t enough profit for a private capitalist to produce those things, well, then, they don’t,” Wolff said.

Wolff’s discussion with Loud and Clear was spurred by the recently released Annual Homelessness Assessment Report, which found that American homelessness is on the rise, particularly in highly populated, urban areas.

The report, produced by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, found that states seeing the highest increases in homelessness as a percentage from 2017-2018 included Texas, New York, Washington, Arizona, and Oregon. States with the highest decreases in homelessness during that same time period included Florida, California, Georgia, Michigan, and Alabama.


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Is anyone surprised that this yahoo is allegedly “an economics professor?”

Might unrestricted illegal immigration have something to do with homelessness rates?

I am surprised California homelessness went down considering massive illegal immigration into the state and relatively mild weather, even in winter, in most of the state that makes it a magnet for the homeless.

Marxian? WTF is this? It’s “Marxist” Mr Wolff.

It’s the New School. What else do you expect?

Life and Death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng

After I left Shanghai, I met many Europeans and Americans who thought Communist China was an egalitarian society. This simply is not true. The fact is that the Communist government controls goods, services, and opportunities and dispenses them to the people in unequal proportions. The term “internal” was used for goods and services available to officials of a certain rank and a few outsiders on whom for one reason or another the government wished to bestow favor. I have heard the term “internal internal” used to describe goods and services reserved for the very senior officials, especially in the military, who seemed to get the first choice and the lion’s share of everything. Though the salary of a member of the Politburo was no more than eight or ten times that of an industrial worker, the perks available to him without charge were comparable to those enjoyed by kings and presidents of other lands. And the privileges were extended to his family, including his grandchildren, even after his death.