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Flyers Posted at UC-San Diego Equate Capitalism With Dictatorship and Socialism With Democracy

Flyers Posted at UC-San Diego Equate Capitalism With Dictatorship and Socialism With Democracy

“Socialists believe that everyone who works in a business should have a say in its operation.”

This is how socialism is being sold to college students, as if it is a more ‘fair’ economic system.

Campus Reform reports:

‘Dumb and obnoxious’: Socialist flyer found on campus gets ridiculed

At the University of California San Diego (UCSD), students oppose the socialist flyer put on display by the school’s Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA) student organization.

“I first saw these posters when I was walking on my way to class,” McKenzy Tolliver told Campus Reform, noting that the socialist message didn’t appear to take into account that Californians already pay high taxes.

The flyer rhetorically asks “What is Socialism?” and states, “Socialism and Capitalism are economic. They deal with what your hob is and who is in charge. Capitalists believe that the workplace should operate like a dictatorship, where one person calls all the shots, the CEO.”

Campus Reform spoke with multiple UCSD students about the flyer, which the YDSA at UCSD chapter also posted on its Twitter.

“Socialism has always preached the idea that they believe in equality, but when it is put into practice, it usually gives everyone the opportunity to be equally poor,” San Diego student Jordan Eide said.

“Socialists believe that everyone who works in a business should have a say in its operation. Socialists believe we should have Democracy in the workplace. If you believe in Democracy, Freedom, and Equality, you are a Socialist,” the flyer continues.


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Socialists have always put their faith in lies. The question is, is there anyone on campus telling them the truth?

Truth: There is no capitalism. There is no socialism. There is freedom and there is slavery. Pick one. Hint: Being a slave to the collective or to the commissariat is still slavery.

Truth: very few people move to a socialist country voluntarily.

Just go to one of their meetings, and complain loudly that there are “leaders” there who get to speak, but who don’t give everyone an equal opportunity to speak. Ask if the meeting is a “democracy,” or is being run by “dictators.”

Note that they’re talking about how a workplace should be run, not society. Yes, under capitalism a workplace, like any private property, is a dictatorship — the owner decides what happens there, and if you don’t like it you should leave. That is right and proper. Under socialism the owner’s property is stolen by the people she kindly employed, and they decide what work they should do, if any, and what will happen with the product of that work. The fact that the workplace wouldn’t exist without the owner, who literally created it from nothing, is denied because Marx taught the Labor Theory of Value, which is BS.

And yes, “workplace democracy” often ends in disaster. But it’s morally wrong even when by some chance it doesn’t.

I used to wonder why dictators and tyrants always go for the children. As Rush Limbaugh used to put it, they are “skulls full of mush,” and easily influenced, or brainwashed if you prefer,

The death of critical thinking has exacerbated the problem.

One day, they will wake up in a socialist “utopia,” wondering what happened. They should give Venezuela or Cuba a test drive.