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Hello old friend

Hello old friend

It’s really good to see you once again.

From reader David:

Haven’t seen this one on your site, yet. Spotted in Raleigh NC this weekend, from the passenger seat, of course.


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Jimma Cawta part deux.
Tell me folks, what is the difference between being hijacked and forced to pay bond to leave the country? I know, in the new era of pay to play, the definitions get blurred.

By the way, for those old enough to remember, inflation was just the start, just wait until they have to raise interest rates, which they will have to do. At that time, things should get REALLY interesting.

Hmmm, will they begin to implement price controls like Nixon?

    SoCA Conservative Mom in reply to 3/4 Dome. | March 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm

    I’m too young to remember much of the Carter presidency… I do however remember Chrystal Gayle blaring from the radio with heavy distortion… I just looked up the interest rate and inflation from the Carter error… In July 1974, the Fed raised the Fed Reserve rate to 13%, inflation tripled that year. I remember Neil Cavuto saying that when he and his wife purchased their first home, the interest on his mortgage was over 17%. If interest rates rise that high again, we can forget about having a housing market and many more than the current 9% of student borrowers will be defaulting on their “low” interest student loans.

Henry Hawkins | March 23, 2012 at 9:58 am

Well I remember the wonderful Carter years – gas lines, inflation, stupid stickers on every gub’mint light switch telling us to conserve energy, joblessness, forced mobility to seek work (I had to leave my home state of Michigan during the Carter years because of my addiction to food and shelter, no longer available in Michigan, which we nicknamed ‘State of the Union’).

I remember a billboard facing southbound I-75 at the Ohio border that read: ‘Would The Last Person To Leave Michigan Please Turn Out The Lights?’.

Most of all, beyond all the domestic horrors, I remember the three legacy network news channels, ABC, NBC, and CBS, and their identical top stories, which ran nightly until the first day of Reagan’s presidency: Hostage Crisis Day 261, Hostage Crisis Day 262, Hostage Crisis Day 263……

I better stop. I’m getting misty-eyed here with the nostalgia of it all…

    fulford6353 in reply to Henry Hawkins. | March 23, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    Wow, do I remember that Iran crisis. Ted Koppel and Nightline coming on every night and the same old “The Iran Crisis Day – Who knows when this will be over.” I am hoping the Obama crisis will be over in November

      Henry Hawkins in reply to fulford6353. | March 23, 2012 at 10:47 pm

      There are what, 12? 14? 16? Americans being held hostage in Egypt right now. Don’t see it on the news much, do we?

Uncle Samuel | March 23, 2012 at 1:42 pm

US Hostages R US, I’m beginning to believe.

A Haiku…..

Obama has failed
The worst President ever
Jimmy Carter smiles!

I do remember Carter, and Obama hasn’t gotten into his territory…not just yet. For starters, no double-digit interest rates…yet.

Foreign policy-wise, Obama caught a break with the successful bin Laden mission.

Most people have no idea what a mess the Carter years were. They figure “oh, he meant well” and left it at that. Carter invited the likes of Ceausescu and Mugabe to the White House and slobbered all over them to a degree that would make Obama look like Winston Churchill.

That pattern of Carter’s has continued for the past 30 years. Either he’s an astoundingly bad judge of character, or he really does like these monsters.

I’ve asked my friends how come “Saddam was a genocidal monster, but” is acceptable weasel-wording on their part, but “Ian Smith was a bigot, but” isn’t?

I get crickets and changing of the subject.

    Lina Inverse in reply to knockatize. | March 24, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Agreed 100%. Carter was bumbling an existential threat, the Soviet Union with their thousands of nuclear warheads pointed at us, and running the economy into ditch much worse than Obama has … so far.

    In the medium term I expect this perception to change (at least in those with open eys): there’s no way Obama’s raising of the baseline budget deficit by well over a trillion a year is going to end well. I certainly don’t see either of the two Republican front runners seriously addressing this.

I graduated from high school in 1977 … and I thank the Lord that I didn’t graduate college before Mr. Carter left office.

I also remember those high interest rates on my parents’ home loan … and Walter Cronkite counting the days our diplomats were being held hostage in Tehran, followed by their plane going wheels-up outta there almost to the minute Mr. Reagan attained the power to make things hot for them.

But now, we have Carter 2.0 … and a remake of the old hit by Prince is now in order …

I’m witnessing a phenom, who’s sweeping all across the land …
A man so charismatic, I wonder where’s the Kool-Aid(R) stand …
So many swooning at the sight of someone they think is so new …
But when I listen to him, I’m thinkin’ this is deja vu …

Two Thousand Zero Eight — Yes We Can — go back in time.
With the Big O we will party like it’s Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

When it comes to global warming, he’ll try and cut us down to size …
But let the Third World warm it up, and not even bat an eye …
Will he tell us to air up our tires, and turn down all the thermostats …
While squashing innovation under the butts of the bureaucrats …

Two Thousand Zero Nine — Yes We Can — go back in time.
With the Big O we will party like it’s Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

He’ll go and take control of your and my medical care …
Including what you eat, exercise, and maybe what you wear …
Now this might cut the cost, of my Band-Aids(R), I’ll agree that’s true …
But I wonder, when I’m older, will they just let me die from the flu …

Two Thousand One Zero — Yes We Can — go back in time.
With the Big O we will party like it’s Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

He will resurrect like Lazarus, the 70’s welfare state …
Complete with lots of jobless, and two-digit inflation rates …
From so-called greedy businessmen, he’ll take tax money in big gobs …
And starve to death the geese that lay those golden eggs of jobs …

Two Thousand One One — Yes We Can — go back in time.
With the Big O we will party like it’s Nineteen Seventy-Nine.

When he’s not bombin’ them he’ll leave our allies in the lurch …
While the worst thugs and fanatics look on from a lofty perch …
Goin’ for more than hostages, their party will have just begun …
For they might just crash our party, with somethin’ like a 911 …

Two Thousand Twelve — will we let him take us back in time?
With the Big O will we party like it’s Nineteen Seventy-Nine.??????

I did these bumper stickers up over two years ago, but few takers. Still available!

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