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Someone could not be reached for comment

From reader Peter:

I saw your latest “Fakes” post and decided to share –

I was visiting my 83 year old mom who lives on Chappaquiddick Island (part of Martha’s Vineyard) just last week.  It’s a lovely place and certainly is a playground of the rich, but not exclusively so (my case in point).

One thing that is very true about the Vineyard is that they really love their Democrats.

The place goes nuts in August when presidents come to visit. That is background for why this bumper sticker is so notable.

I was on the very small 3 car ferry boat that travels across the harbor to Chappaquiddick when I spied this.

I also love the juxtaposition…

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Partisan YouTube yanks Romney web video over Al Green song, yet the original videos of Obama Singing the same Al Green song remain.

radiofreeca | July 17, 2012 at 9:19 am

What’s the skull-like sticker about and the dog one? Do they give any more context?

Funny story…

I had a job to do on Chappaquiddick a couple of years ago and the only way to get anything heavy onto the island is to use the ferry.

And its just as small as the poster says, three cars or in my case, one truck. The ride across can’t take but a minute to accomplish.

In a paean to capitalistic competition, as we approach the dock. the proprietor shouts out “Thank you for choosing the Chappaquiddick Ferry!”

Does the ferry take Buicks?

Charles Curran | July 17, 2012 at 12:01 pm

It does, unless you make a wrong turn along the way. Must have been a newcomer. lol

Correction. Does the ferry carry Oldsmobiles?

DogFunk is a surf shop based in Utah(?) and the skull is the logo for a local Vineyard surf shop The Bone Yard. When the Big Kahuna crowd turns against you, things are bleak.