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I don’t care which of these presidential candidates wins

I don’t care which of these presidential candidates wins

This driver supports Anybody Else.  From reader Chris, taken in Austin, TX:

Professor, you’ve probably seen this one but for what it’s worth.

Car next to me saw me taking photo. They honked and gave thumbs up.

Mobile tea party?

While this other driver supports Anyone Else.  From reader Jeff:

From my wife, who is visiting near Austin, Texas. Maybe not all that exciting, especially considering what one could be expected to find in Texas.

Interestingly, if you look closely you can see that the Anyone Else 2012 sticker was placed over a McCain-Palin sticker from the last election.

Me? I took my yard sign and cut out Palin and saved it, discarding the rest.


It’s a time for choosing.  Anybody Else or Anyone Else.

Either one is fine with me


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Cute but a “no go” in Austin where liberals outnumber conservatives by at least 10:1 and along with Travis county is solid blue.

I know what it really feels to be a minority stakeholder!

I still have my Cain bumper sticker though…

South Park covered it well in 2004 with “Douche and Turd.”

Oh, and Vote or Die!
(language alert)

Great to hear we are still around. I’ve still got my Palin bumper sticker on the bumper, the McCain part long long gone.

I cut out McCain and left Palin also. She still is the
only one who makes sense and who I would trust to do the right thing, be transparent in gov and not let the libs/rinos get to her.

Something tells me we will be constantly pounding on
Romney to do the right things.

Still better than Obama.

I taped over McCain on my ball cap. I used to wear it a lot. Never got a comment, although I got a few looks. Now I only wear it around my anti-Palin daughters. I love them, but not sure that I have ever understood them, and this is one reason why. Why two very attractive strong professional women with independent minds, who are devoted to their families, would not identify with SP has always been a mystery.

Oh, I thought it meant anyone else but the two clowns from those two parties…

Vote Constitution Party, 2012!

LukeHandCool | July 15, 2012 at 10:20 pm

How about:

Anyone But Some One