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The New Yorker has cut Ryan Lizza over alleged sexual misconduct:

It was apocalypse now on Brian Stelter's CNN show today. Under the guise of discussing how the media should be reporting the issue, the topic at hand was how and whether President Trump should be removed from office. Historian Douglas Brinkley was the most partisan panelist, saying "we all know" that Trump is a narcissist, and that we're dealing with what "having a sick man in the White House means." Brinkley said that the five generals of the Joint Chiefs of Staff need to "enter politics" and distance themselves from Trump.

The last post I wrote about the Donald Trump Jr. meeting was last Thursday, Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer: “there’s something very unusual about this whole thing”. Subsequent to that post, NBC News broke the story that there were additional people at the meeting than had been disclosed previously. Nonetheless, I think my Newsmax interview that was the subject of the post has held up pretty well:

Yeah, CNN threatened to out the guy who made the CNN wrestling meme. But the threat, according to CNN, was just some language that the legal suits stuck into the CNN statement. So if you complain about it, you're just part of a social-media "mob" that is falsely playing the victim. That was the argument made on Reliable Sources hosted by CNN's Brian Stelter. John Avlon of the Daily Beast, a CNN analyst, warned the media not to let the criticism "distract" them from the "real issue": President Trump's tweet of the wrestling GIF.
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