Remember when the media was supposed to function as the fourth estate, protecting the people from the government? It was great while it lasted. Now media, in this case The Daily Beast, is thrilled to announce they sought out a private citizen who posted a viral video portraying Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a not so flattering light.

The video, which is clearly doctored, slowed down Pelosi’s speech, making it sound as though she’s drunker than a skunk. And it’s funny. At least it is to those of us who’ve miraculously maintained a sense of humor in the Age of Outrage ALL the Things.

But why? How does it advance the story, what purpose does it serve to out someone with a decent sense of humor poking fun at our totally ridiculous mockworthy political state? It doesn’t. Yet here we are.

Facebook refused to remove the video, so good on them… kind of. Because according to The Daily Beast, Facebook is the one that confirmed which individual posted the video:

xxxx claims that his “drunk” commentary on an unaltered Pelosi video had no connection to the now-infamous fake clip that premiered less than 15 minutes later. “I wasn’t the individual who created that Pelosi video,” he insisted in a telephone interview.

It’s conceivable that someone else actually edited the clip. But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics WatchDog directly from xxxx’s personal Facebook account.

“Posted,” is important here. Per TDB report, Facebook confirmed the man guilty of posting a funny video did just that — posted it, or that the post originated from his personal user account. He claims he did not create it and also that he did not personally post the video, but that another page admin, a female, had done so. GREAT GET, GUYS.

Unfortunately for the doxxed dude, he is a “wrong thinker”:

A review of Brooks’ personal fan page reveals him as an avowed conservative and a proud member of Trump’s razor-thin African-American support base. A couple of Brooks’ Instagram posts feature misogyny.

The Daily Beast may have gone the extra mile to “expose” the man who created the video, but get a load of networks covered the issue. This is just one example, but they’re all the same.

This isn’t the first time TDB has done this. Anyone remember this gem?

The Daily Beast goes after PASTRY CHEF at Mar-a-Lago for thought crime because Trump owns property

Really, this:


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