Attorney General William Barr held a news conference this morning and Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report came out.

Both sent the left and mainstream media into a downward spiral to find anything to fit their two year narrative.

Reactions to Mueller Report

I love this:

Um, obviously he didn’t because he gave the report to Congress.

So many people obsessed with this line:

I can get behind this.

NOW we should wait for facts.


Eric Gellar at Politico has an excellent point. The Russians did try to interfere. While it didn’t work this time, could it in the future?

Reactions to Barr’s Conference

One major problem I found with those on the left is how they bemoaned the fact that Trump and his White House counsel reviewed the report….without mentioning this is okay under the Ethics in Government Act.

Barr sounded like a defense lawyer?

Maybe Sam should listen again? Barr said the “emotional” point IS IN THE MUELLER REPORT.


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