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In politics as in all things, glory can be fleeting. After the first Democratic debate in late June, the MSM and liberal political commentators treated Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) like the invincible presidential candidate. Her polling numbers rose significantly after she broadsided frontrunner Joe Biden in the opening round. She also saw a nice boost in fundraising. But the last two months have seen the Harris campaign endure an embarrassing freefall. Her polling numbers have tanked, she's lost a significant amount of support from key Democratic voting blocs, and was on the receiving end of a brutal smackdown from Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (HI) at the second debate over her troubling criminal justice record.

Donald Trump has branded Joe Biden as "Sleepy Joe." That came as something of a surprise to me, as I expected "Creepy Joe," based on Biden's well-publicized creepy invasions of female personal spaces. But who am I to second-guess Trump when it comes to branding political opponents. Every time I see Jeb Bush, I still think "Low Energy Jeb." And "Crazy Bernie" just seems to fit so well I barely remember his last name. "Crooked Hillary" did the trick.

Unsurprisingly, the "Parkland Protesters" were co-opted by the anti-Second Amendment left, and everyone from the media to politicians on both sides of the aisle to former Supreme Court justices has been falling over themselves to support "gun control" in their name. Last month, Kemberlee blogged about how the "March for Our Lives" had been taken over by a variety of the usual leftist SJW agitators and demagogues.

David B. Collum is a world-renowned Chemistry Professor at Cornell University, where I teach at the law school. He has been at Cornell since 1980, and is Department Chair through the end of this academic year. I don't know Dave well, but we have met before. He is something of a Renaissance man, able to converse not only in his specialty, but also in the fields of economics and politics. He's an iconoclast, and self-identifies in his Twitter bio as "Libertarian. Fan of Austrian business cycle."

Bernie Sanders has thrown his support behind Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison in the contest to lead the DNC. This should surprise no one because Sanders represents the radical far-left wing of the Democratic Party and that's where Ellison would steer the party as chairman. The Washington Times reports:
Bernie Sanders vows Keith Ellison will usher in ‘real change’ at DNC Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont went to bat Wednesday for Rep. Keith Ellison’s bid to become the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee, saying the status quo is not working and that the Minnesota Democrat has the gumption to move the party in a different direction.

Something to give—surprised—thanks for this morning: an MSNBC anchor staunchly defending school choice and Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of Education . . . while ably and aggressively arguing the issues with the head of America's biggest teachers' union! Stephanie Ruhle is the MSNBC anchor in question, and she took on Randi Weingarten, head of the AFT teachers' union. The topic at hand was Donald Trump's naming of school-choice advocate Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. Weingarten, acknowledging that the union is "so opposed" to DeVos, repeatedly accused Trump's pick of wanting to take a "sledgehammer" to public schools in an effort to "destabilize"them.