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Biden’s Education Transition Team Includes Employees from Nation’s Largest Teachers Unions

Biden’s Education Transition Team Includes Employees from Nation’s Largest Teachers Unions

If the ‘rona lockdowns showed us anything, it’s how completely disinterested teachers unions are in education. Teachers unions nationwide used the shutdowns to demand ridiculous policy concessions having nothing to do with educating children, so of course Biden plans to add them to the Department of Education.

Corey DeAngelis, Director of School Choice at the Reason Foundation, noted that according to the official transition website, Biden’s department of education team is as follows:

Department of Education

The Department of Education team will also review the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Name Most Recent Employment Source of Funding
Linda Darling-Hammond, Team Lead Learning Policy Institute Volunteer
Ary Amerikaner The Education Trust Volunteer
Beth Antunez American Federation of Teachers Volunteer
Jim Brown United States Senate, Office of Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. (Retired) Volunteer
Ruthanne Buck Self-employed Volunteer
Norma Cantu University of Texas at Austin, School of Law Volunteer
Jessica Cardichon Learning Policy Institute Volunteer
Keia Cole MassMutual Volunteer
Lindsay Dworkin Alliance for Excellent Education Volunteer
Donna Harris-Aikens National Education Association Volunteer
Kristina Ishmael Open Education Global Volunteer
Bob Kim John Jay College of Criminal Justice Volunteer
James Kvaal The Institute for College Access & Success Volunteer
Peggy McLeod UnidosUS Volunteer
Paul Monteiro Howard University Volunteer
Pedro Rivera Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology Volunteer
Roberto Rodriguez Teach Plus, Inc Volunteer
Shital Shah American Federation of Teachers Volunteer
Marla Ucelli-Kashyap American Federation of Teachers Volunteer
Emma Vadehra The Century Foundation Volunteer

Really though:


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For local elections, particularly school board, I never know who the candidates are and they often run with no Party affiliation.

So, when I go to vote, I stop by the D’s table – invariably staffed with teacher’s union members – and get their slate of candidates.

That way, I always know exactly who I should vote against.

This means trillion dollar bailouts for CA, IL, NY and NJ.

I am afraid under the Biden Putsch we will be in for some sad times for the no worke peasant class. But Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos will do just fine.

Department of Education needs to be dissolved. It serves no purpose except to get the federal government involved with what is taken care of at a local level.

One of the worst things to come from Jimmy Carter.

    Dathurtz in reply to Tsquared. | November 12, 2020 at 8:47 pm

    I bet I get more nonsensical junk I have to do/teach while the people at the top of the edutainment industry get a lot more money.

It’s payback for all the Teacher union dues going to Democrats

So we let the people indoctrinating our kids have more power?

Everything that we don’t want will be in the Biden administration.

Satan never rests, there is no sabbath for evil.

Abortion is beyond the pale of humanity but less pervasive than government mandated public indoctrination.

If they didn’t kill them in the womb, the “teachers” will handle it in the class-room.

He hasn’t won anything

How about we stop posting crap about Biden as of he is the President?

Just going to predict an assault on home schooling like we haven’t seen before.

No surprise, when you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas. The powerful Leftists don’t care about your kids, their offspring attend private schools.

Unions are like little communist organizations. It’s arguable that there is a place for them but not public sector unions. All public sector unions are political organizations to generate votes and to launder money.

Waiting for enough phony ballots to be thrown out to make clear Trump’s win.

Computer programming is not my field of expertise, but I am something of an expert at recognizing expertise at work.

This is where the big numbers are, in a large number of States.

I suspect we will not have to worry about the Harris transition team.

So do we have a pool on how many minutes it will take the Biden administration before they strip constitutional protections from sexual assault charged defendants in schools again?

So there goes school choice and the charter school program. Why do black Americans vote Democratic? I guess to keep their kids in lousy public schools.

Teacher’s Unions: All your children are belong to us.

And yet parents willingly send their children to our lousy, corrupt public schools. Why? Because it is EASY. Our children, who should be our most precious assets, are abandoned to poorly-run government institutions for the vast majority of their developing years because we are just too damned lazy to take on the responsibility of educating them ourselves. I think you can safely put me on Team Cynical.

The first thing is to make school choice for every one, period. Next, close the federal education department and leave this to the states. The ban unions from the public sector.