A new CNN/SSRS poll has some disappointing news for 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful California Sen. Kamala Harris.

Harris dropped to fourth place with only 5%, down from 17% in June. Former Vice President Joe Biden received a huge bump and regained his double-digit lead.


Harris jumped up in polls after the first debates in June when she jumped from 8% in May to 17% in June in the CNN poll. A Quinnipiac poll had her at 20% after the debate. Did the second debate harm Harris? From CNN:

The second debate in Detroit didn’t cause most of Harris’ drop. She was already down to 12% in a late July poll by Quinnipiac.

Still, the California senator seemed to be holding onto some of her first debate bounce coming into the CNN debates. I wrote at the time “why Kamala Harris needs another strong debate.” That didn’t happen.

Harris is now considerably weaker across the board. She dropped by over 10 points with whites and nonwhites. She declined by 9 points or more with those under the age of 50 as well those aged 50 and older.

Her biggest drop might have been among liberals. She went from 24% in late June to only 4% now.

Harris’ decline is seen in other questions too. When asked which candidates they’d like to hear more about, 30% said Harris in late June. That was more than any other candidate. Now, only 18% say they want to hear more about Harris. That’s slightly behind Elizabeth Warren, who clocked in at 20%.

Biden obtained seven points since June. No one else received as many as he did during that time period.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) sits in second at 15%. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is in third with 14%. These two switched spots from June, but their numbers stayed relatively the same.

CNN asked people which candidates they wanted to hear more about. Those not named Biden and Sanders had a huge jump after the first debates but declined a lot in this poll. As CNN reported, Harris dropped to 18% from 30% in June, but others saw a loss as well.

The June poll showed 23% of the people wanted to hear more about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, but now sits with 13%.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker also suffered with this question. Only 10% want to hear more about him, a drop from 17% in June.

Former Texas Rep. Robert O’Rourke went up to 10% from 9% with this question. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang went up two points to 6% from 4%.

Defeating President Donald Trump in November 2020 remains the most important issue for the respondents at 54%. However, that went down from June when it hit 61%. Instead, having a candidate that has the same position as the respondents gained steam. That question hit 39%, up from 30% in June.


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