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Hillary 2020 – All signs point to “She’s Running”

Hillary 2020 – All signs point to “She’s Running”

Her destiny was stolen from her, in her mind, and she will not let it go.

Rematch. REMATCH!

In Hillary’s mind, and the minds of #TheResistance, Hillary Clinton is the rightful president. Because (a) the Electoral College is a stupid thing and she won the popular vote, (b) the Russians rigged the election, (c) James Comey, having refused to prosecute Hillary despite overwhelming evidence, tanked Hillary’s campaign at the last minute, and (d) Trump is unfit, uncouth, and undeserving, and his supporters are deplorable.

Hillary readily talks about how “No, I’m not over it”

It is a pity party that has blossomed into derangement and threats of violence playing out in restaurants and streets around the country. The imminent Trump nomination of a replacement for Justice Kennedy has the NY Times Editorial Board openly calling on Democrats and progressives “to take a page from ‘The Godfather’ and go to the mattresses” (meaning an all out war).

Hillary’s loss is a burning ember of resentment that still seeks to light a fire for a Hillary-Trump rematch. We covered this recently in our post, Will DOJ Inspector General Report be the excuse Hillary needs to run in 2020?:

The Inspector General report not only explosed James Comey’s breach of protocol, there was a tidbit about Comey using his gmail account for FBI business.

That was like rubbing salt in Hillary Clinton’s wound.

She tweeted “But my emails” in response, a tweet that had been retweeted and liked hundreds of thousands of times…..

My quick take on Hillary’s tweet is that she wants to run again, and the Comey revelation combined with the IG conclusions may be the hook she needs. She views herself as life’s ultimate victim, someone deprived unfairly of her destiny by Obama and then again by Trump.

Will Hillary run? I’m thinking the chances are better than 50/50.

Michael Goodwin, writing in the NY Post, sees more signs that Clintonworld is getting ready for Hillary 2020, Is Hillary Clinton secretly planning to run in 2020?:

The messages convey a sense of urgency, and are coming with increasing frequency. They are short, focused reactions to the latest “outrage” committed by President Trump.

Some end by asking for money, some urge participation in protests. All read as if they are sent from the official headquarters of the resistance.

Hillary Clinton is up to something.

Five times in the last month alone, she sent e-mails touting her super PAC’s role in combating President Trump. Most seized on headline events, such as the family-separation issue at the southern border….

The instant, in-house nature of Demand Justice was reflected by the name of its executive director: Brian Fallon, Clinton’s campaign press secretary.

In truth, Fallon’s role doesn’t tell us something we didn’t know. Onward Together, formed in May of 2017, is a Clinton 2020 campaign vehicle in waiting.

Its homepage says the group “is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election.”

Onward Together is all about keeping Hillary front and center, and building a progressive coalition around her.

There is a large field of lesser Democrat wannabees, for whom Hillary has zero respect and to whom she would not defer.  Hillary and Bill made people like Kirsten Gillibrand — who threw Bill under the #MeToo bus — and they will not stand in Hillary’s way. In 2016 Elizabeth Warren could have beaten Hillary, but got scared away likely because the Hillary oppo-research machine (remember the Steele Dossier?) would have exposed Warren’s Cherokee problem to a greater extent than anyone else. Team Hillary likely has that deep dive into Warren’s upbringing in Oklahoma on the shelf, ready-to-go.

Goodwin predicts how Hillary will eliminate them:

Here’s how I believe she sees the playing field, and why she can’t be ignored.

First, because there’s no clear front-runner for the nomination 18 months into Trump’s presidency, Clinton remains the closest thing to an incumbent. She’s also got numerous advantages, from name recognition to campaign experience to an off-the-shelf Cabinet, that could give her a head start.

Second, a crowded, diverse field diminishes the chances of anyone knocking her off. Recall how Trump outlasted 16 GOP rivals by having a committed core of supporters that grew as the field shrunk. Clinton could be in a similar position — unpopular among many, but also unbeatable by a single opponent.

Third, looking ahead to the 2020 primaries, she sees no reason to fear the favorite daughters and sons in key blue states. She would almost certainly beat Sen. Kamala Harris in California, Sen. Cory Booker in New Jersey and Gov. Andrew Cuomo in New York.

And please — forget Sanders and Joe Biden. Sanders is already 76 and Biden, at 75, has never been a viable candidate for president and still isn’t.

Fourth, money is not an issue. Some donors will resist Clinton at first, but any Dem nominee can count on all the money in the world to run against Trump.

Is Hillary running?

I’m still in the better than 50/50 camp. She wants to, more than she has ever wanted anything before in her life. Her destiny was stolen from her, in her mind, and she will not let it go.


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Please. Pleasepleasepleaseplease let her run.

I’m still not a Trump fan, but if 2020 ends up as a rematch of 2016, with Clinton seeking a moral victory by once again getting more votes than Trump did, I will probably vote for Trump.

    rabid wombat in reply to Milhouse. | July 8, 2018 at 10:30 am


    That was my conclusion in 2016. Virtually anybody other than Hillary. I held my nose, and voted Trump. So far, he has delivered as promised on Judges (the next announcement will certainly affect that). He is not Hillary! Everything else is gravy.


      RITaxpayer in reply to rabid wombat. | July 8, 2018 at 2:39 pm

      Speaking of ‘Rabid’, that is NOT a picture of a sane individual at the top of this page.

      Seriously, if you were Bill, would you want to come home to that?

    JohnSmith100 in reply to Milhouse. | July 11, 2018 at 6:58 pm

    I had reservations when I voted for Trump, he has turned out to be better than what I hoped for. I am looking forward to Hillary running, …. and losing again. I am sure that her tantrum will be epic.

The gift that keeps on giving.

My wife votes Democrat – generally. She can’t stand Hillary.

DieJustAsHappy | July 8, 2018 at 10:13 am

With the number of Democrats on a certain “witch-hunter’s” team, I wonder …

My2centshere | July 8, 2018 at 10:19 am

Hillary has a mental disorder that is born in her quest for power. I say bring it on. Trump will keep branding her as “Crooked Hillary” rightfully so.

Selfishly, I hope not. It was hard enough listening to Felonia von Pantsuit’s cackling the first time around as a LI author.

The Ds did this – going with a previous loser a second time – once before, in 1956. Look for similar results.

    Milhouse in reply to fscarn. | July 8, 2018 at 11:59 am

    On the other hand the Rs went with a previous loser in 1968, and won. It used to be common for losing candidates to try again, sometimes successfully. Hey, Grover Cleveland even made a comeback after losing his second-term bid.

      clintack in reply to Milhouse. | July 8, 2018 at 12:31 pm

      And like Hillary, Grover Cleveland won the popular vote in the election he lost.

      4th armored div in reply to Milhouse. | July 8, 2018 at 12:51 pm

      problem HRC is age, anti semitism in woke generation, clinton foundation.

      DJT had no record and a BIG mouth.
      he still has a big mouth and many accomplishments.

      if the kookoo left were honest they would also see how he has benefited the US.

      now the problem is the Geo Will types who bemoan their loss in politics.

Humphrey's Executor | July 8, 2018 at 10:34 am

Politics is the family business and they have to make payroll somehow. Still, by now, I expected her to be divorced from Bill and married to Huma.

The opportunity to fatten the coffers with one more run is certainly there. I think if she runs it’ll be a bigger victory for Trump. First, it will rip the Democratic Party apart even more. She’s pre-historic status quo in an age in which some demand Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez while others #WalkAway. Second, her presence simply reminds everyone of how lucky we were that she didn’t win. It’s an automatic rallying cry for the GOP and will help mobilize the base. Third, too many Dems have already thrown her and Slick Willie under the bus. Lots of hand sound-bytes for commercials of Democratic testimonials why Hillary should disappear. Fourth, her health is questionable. The exhaustive nature of campaigning was clearly evident last time. Next time will likely be more obvious.

    windbag…I’m hoping she does run again…

    I am currently in negotiations to be the Chief Scooper for the Hillary Clinton Slush Fund !

    Unfortunately, we are having a little disagreement over the size of the scoop…
    Hillary is thinking…gravy ladle. I’m thinking…snow shovel.

      sestamibi in reply to tgrondo. | July 9, 2018 at 9:37 pm

      I’m thinking more like 20-lb. bag of human excrement found on street corner in San Francisco. That’s more HIllary’s style..

Run harridan run!

“She’s also got numerous advantages, from name recognition to campaign experience to an off-the-shelf Cabinet, that could give her a head start.”

She had all those advantages in 2008, and still got beat by an inexperienced black upstart. She had even more of those advantages in 2016, and still got beat by a crude, uncouth real estate developer who had even less political experience than wet-behind-the-ears candidate Obama had in 2008.

Hillary simply isn’t a good candidate, and she hasn’t gotten any better with more age and bitter resentment added into the mix. She may be willing to try again in 2020, but the Dims would be insane to let her.

    oldgoat36 in reply to Observer. | July 8, 2018 at 12:04 pm

    Obama was the pick and Hillary wasn’t going to stand up against that whole Affirmative Action Presidential run. That was even more important to the racist party than the whole breaking the glass ceiling bid.

    And Obama had the whole Chicago political machine behind him as well as all his hidden records. It’s hard beating a Manchurian type candidate.

    MajorWood in reply to Observer. | July 9, 2018 at 4:33 pm

    Just keep the #metoo aimed squarely at Bill and this should resolve itself. Anyone associated with Bill loses, Hil, Gore, the man is quiet but deadly political toxin.

I pray the Grim Reaper does not grab her first.

Bucky Barkingham | July 8, 2018 at 10:57 am

If Hillary is serious about a 2020 run then the Clinton machine will crush all her potential opponents by any means necessary. If nominated she will of course fail again, but in the process she will have further weakened the already weak Leftist Party. So IMHO a Hillary run in 2020 would be a win-win for the GOP.

Giving Pat Paulsen’s record a run for tehmoney

Hillary will want to run, certainly. She can’t imagine a universe without her as the First Ceiling-Breaker of the United States.

And typical Clinton Crime Family behavior is to sit relatively quietly after a misadventure, and wait long enough to see if they seem to be getting away with their most recent crime spree. If they are, then they go back into attack mode. So a reappearance by the Wicked Witch would be true to form.

But will the Party go along with such quixotic folly? I see no indications of that. The Party wants to go Progressive Racist SJW. Hillary’s not terribly Progressive; Hillary is big on Hillary, and that’s about it.

Of course the risks this time are greater. Multiple crimes are hanging over Hill’s head; an indictment would kill the money machine, and without the crooked swag, the Clintons are just a sideshow.

Though Goodwin has no idea what happened—

Recall how Trump outlasted 16 GOP rivals by having a committed core of supporters that grew as the field shrunk.

Hogwash. Trump crushed the field because he was the only one who wasn’t ignoring the issues voters actually thought important. The only question was, was Candidate Trump serious, or would he go all squashy after the election? We know the answer now, so Trump is in a far stronger position than he was in 2016, and Hillary’s “inevitability” aura is gone and unrecoverable.

Pettifogger | July 8, 2018 at 11:31 am

Hillary’s ravenous hunger for the presidency is itself a disqualification. Who among us wants to be ruled by one so hungry for power, so sure of her own entitlement to rule?

Gonna be an interesting campaign for President when she swore on the record to the FBI that she didn’t know what a Classified document even looked like, much less how or why they should be protected.

The only one who could make her a viable candidate is Trump. If he continues to let the FBI and DOJ run themselves as a Clinton defense team and oppo research firm rolled into one, she’ll certainly run.

Every comedy writer should thank her – the jokes are all written in advance. If each comic sends her a case of Chardonnay, I’m sure she’ll throw her hat in the ring. Or she’ll throw something at somebody.

Comanche Voter | July 8, 2018 at 11:51 am

Ah Hillary–or should I say “The Hildebeest”. She’s like a character ripped from the pages of a Stephen King novel. Like one of those wind up toys she’s going to keep running for President even after somebody has nailed the lid of her coffin shut. I fully expect to see her on the ballot in 2036 (if I should live that long).

“Fourth, money is not an issue. Some donors will resist Clinton at first, but any Dem nominee can count on all the money in the world to run against Trump.”

No, she won’t get all the money in the world to run against Trump and one of the reasons the Democrats are having trouble raising money is losing elections. Large donors cut back and even switch parties due to a party losing elections. It is one of the Republican party’s greatest concerns.

There is “True-Believer” money and then there is “Investment” money. Hillary had the cash advantage she did in 2016 because of Investor money and actually that will go to Trump now. I was personally in a business meeting at a large corporation where party wasn’t discussed as far as donations it was about who could get elected and our company being a donor to that elected official.

Trump would get that money in 2020 where we would have given to Hillary in 2016.

Don’t expect the Clinton cash cow to stay the same in 2020 because it won’t and small donors to her will not be there after she smokes out their favorite nominee in the 2020 primaries.
She can’t do the Bernie Sanders thing again without paying a price with the Left. Everybody is aware of it now.

I hope she runs in 2020 it will create a train wreck on the Left down the ticket. She might create one just by doing what she is doing now.

    MajorWood in reply to Conan. | July 9, 2018 at 4:38 pm

    Her biggest vulnerability is to ostracize the competition. I keep pointing out how Hillary stealing the nomination is how “we” ended up with Trump. BTW, you can mess with libs way better if they think you are one of them. Lots of dems are still Po’d at her, but her megalomania can’t and won’t see that, again.

DouglasJBender | July 8, 2018 at 12:12 pm

Leslie Eastman: “Selfishly, I hope not. It was hard enough listening to Felonia von Pantsuit’s cackling the first time around as a LI author.”

When was Hillary a LI author? Surely you can’t be serious.

In the age of #MeToo, Hillary’s Achilles’ Heel is her sordid history of acting as Enabler and Apologist in Chief for Slick Weenie Billy Boy Clinton. Enough people who publicly purport to “be with Her”, say 5-10%, will regard her as enough of a hypocrite to either not vote at all, or pull the lever for Trump on election day. Of course none of them will ever admit to that but so what?

MaggotAtBroadAndWall | July 8, 2018 at 12:49 pm

I understand her motivation. The way things stand now, the history books 100 years from now will say: she had the best resume; twice the money that Trump had; she was backed by the Democrat Party establishment; the media, Hollywood, and academia all supported her; and yet she still suffered a humiliating loss to the host of Celebrity Apprentice who’d never won an election to any public office before.

So I can see why she doesn’t want that to be what’s written in the history books.

The problem is she knows the grass roots of her party did not want her in ’08 or ’16. They’re even more radicalized now than they were then. I don’t think she can win a Democrat primary in 2020.

Plus, I wonder if she has the stamina for another national campaign. She dyes her hair and cakes on lots of makeup to look younger than she is, but she often appeared to be tired during much of her 2016 campaign. And she had a couple of health scares.

Hillary has to gain the nomination in 2020 or Ocasio-Cortez will clean her clock in 2024.

    MajorWood in reply to MSO. | July 11, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    Yeah, I’ve been wondering about Orcasio-Cortez running as the ghost-Obama type candidate in 2020. She will, by then, have had more national office experience than “the one” and I’m sure every NYC media outlet will make her seem way more powerful than she really is, you know, like how David “15 minutes are over, bye-bye” Hogg has no power except that given to him.

    I think the Leftist core is in a quandry with OC. She is a great box checker candidate, but can she be controlled, and will she do a lot of off-script stuff which ends up making her a liability to them. The Leftist core is looking her I’m guessing the same way that the RINOs looked at Trump before the election. So they need to boost her, but not to the point where she can do it as a grass-roots independent. With a few good dedicated strategists by her side, with the ability to muzzle her inner-socialist-crazy when necessary, she could be a viable threat to all around her. If a picture of her and David Strathairn ever surfaces, we are in deep doo doo. 😉

caseoftheblues | July 8, 2018 at 12:52 pm

I think she actually would provided the Dems did very very well in the midterms… They won’t. They are the lunatic unhinged party marching off a cliff… I can certainly see them putting Hillary at the front of that Bataan death march

smalltownoklahoman | July 8, 2018 at 12:57 pm

If she runs and wins the Dem nomination they had best keep a backup candidate ready and waiting. Her health was an issue last time around, were she to be their candidate again and then keel over shortly before the election, man can you imagine the chaos that would cause?

Even funnier will be her run against Nikki Haley in 2024.

Well, if Hillary wins, they’ll need to hire more bag handlers … but can you imagine the troops drawing straws to see who gets to carry the nuclear football and who gets stuck with the ol’ duffel bag?

In my minds-eye I can see the comedy skit for training her handlers .. video of Hillary being tossed into the van by her 4 extremities while aids collect her shoes – NOT THIS! says the overlay … cut to video of 4 tunic-clad bronzed SS agents carrying her on a port-a-throne. Or perhaps something like the Pope uses?

I still like the idea of strapping her on a Segway. With a set of training wheels to appease OSHA, of course.

    MajorWood in reply to MrE. | July 11, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    I need to look for the “True Tales of the Arkansas State Police” SNL skit which showed Hillary beating on Bill as a reversal of the typical domestic violence situation. I wonder if SNL knew that they were broadcasting the truth back then?

I would have voted for her, but Barack Obama got the nomination. Then she lost all hope of securing my vote during the Benghazi hearings. I watched her answer a question about her failure to address the increasingly loud requests for better security at the US embassy, and she essentially said that was a budget item, and somebody else’s job.

It kinda reminded me of the Dolman of Elas’ remark about the attempt to show off the Enterprise engines: “That is for menials.”

I realized that, for all her purported “experience,” Hillary Clinton had not one clue about why a civilian political appointee heads up the State Department: it is precisely to have someone able to intervene in such situations. She did not understand her job function.

    Observer in reply to Valerie. | July 8, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    It wasn’t surprising that she didn’t understand her job function. She’d never run a federal bureaucracy, or any other type of government agency, before being made Secretary of State. Her “executive” experience consisted mainly of holding ceremonial positions such as First Lady of Arkansas and First Lady of the U.S., where her main job functions were to dress up, go where she was driven, smile for the cameras, make a few inane remarks and occasionally read speeches that somebody else wrote for her.

    Hillary Clinton had no foreign policy experience or expertise, no administrative experience or expertise, and was completely unqualified for the position of Secretary of State. The fact that Obama nominated her, that she accepted, and that the senate confirmed her, reflects badly on all of them.

How can Hillary run when she can’t even walk?

This sick, corrupt stain on the nation: it has nothing to do with her ’cause,’ but everything to do with her own unbridled hate, greed and corruption. If the Stain cared at all about her purported ’causes,’ she’d get out of the way who is not a professional loser.

Let her run – if she can even walk. (Hopefully, we’ll get to watch her crawl.)

By then, perhaps Trump will finally sh-t-can that corrupt swamp-rat Sessions, and new AG Rudy Guliani will open investigations into klinton’s countless crimes and treasons.

Being the loser she is, klinton will, well – lose – and of course, take the leftist house down with her. Again.

Close The Fed | July 8, 2018 at 2:16 pm

From the standpoint of an early Trump supporter, I have a problem with her running, because Trump said more than once, she needed to be prosecuted.

She ought to be in jail. Every day she isn’t in jail and Manafort is, is a black mark against this administration. I understand there are obstacles, nonetheless, H. Clinton deserves being in prison.

    Milhouse in reply to Close The Fed. | July 8, 2018 at 2:34 pm

    And every time he said it he was laughing at you, because he had no intention of ever carrying through on it. Hard as it may be for you to hear, he still likes her.

      userpen in reply to Milhouse. | July 8, 2018 at 3:26 pm

      Sometimes you tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And sometimes you just make shit up.

        Milhouse in reply to userpen. | July 8, 2018 at 5:59 pm

        Speak for yourself. I don’t make anything up. It’s been painfully obvious that he still wants to make up with her and be friends again; if you think not, explain why he hasn’t Locked Her Up (i.e. initiated the investigation that we are sure would find the evidence to indict and convict her)?

Hillary is the Queen of The Vague Campaign Slogan…

I’m With Her….(who?)

Onward Together…(ah…which way??)

If she runs again in 2020 how about this for a slogan…

Hillary…maybe this time?

President Trump should thank Hillary for her years of whatever and then issue a Presidential Pardon, for all crimes committed by her. Then grab the popcorn, sit back and watch the manure hit the ventilator.

inspectorudy | July 8, 2018 at 3:12 pm

I wonder who there is left to vote for her? She called all of Trump’s supporters deplorable so they are out. She called all men misogynists so they are out. She called all conservative women slaves to their husband’s views on voting so they are out. She blamed the NYT and the WaPo for critical articles so they are out. She blasted obama for not going on national TV for her so he and the wookie are out. She blasted and stabbed in the back Bernie so he and his followers are out. The Russians are definitely out. So whom does that leave to vote for her? Most blacks, some Hispanics, and the ultra-left. That won’t do it for her. Please run hill!

Another Voice | July 8, 2018 at 3:31 pm

Should Hillary ever physically and mentally make it through a campaign without falling flat on her ass to even be on the ballot, she better start getting in physical shape. If she thought Trump’s hard knock campaign was rough, the mountain she will need to climb will be 10 times more difficult as she knows she’ll have to personally show up instead of “calling it in”. Even with her supporters and the media, the voters who elected Pres. Trump want a winning policy which represents their interest and will vote a sure bet on a winner, not whiner.
Can’t begin to envision the melt down on the morning post election day 2019, when Pres. Trump is re-elected.

    Another Voice in reply to Another Voice. | July 8, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    And YES, DNC will endorse her…It’s their Group Think Dysfunctional Mentality.

    Hillary is in training for the 2020 campaign run…

    1. 20 min of fact stretching

    2. 10 sets: 8oz Chardonnay curls

    3. 10 sets: across the desk bribe catch (each hand)

    4. 5 sets: over hand accusation toss (each hand)

    5. Cardio: 30 min of blame dodging

    6. cool down: 1/2 Gal vodka martinis

    By 2020…She’ll be Ready To Rumble!!!!

Fun thread! Can you imagine the wailing and weeping if she runs again and this time loses the popular vote, too?!!

    DieJustAsHappy in reply to JoAnne. | July 8, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    Both she and Trump are about the same age. So, I had this image of them at a debate, both in wheelchairs, and he’s chasing her around the stage. She’s wailing, “He’s stalking me! He’s stalking me!” And, the crowd applauds!!

    Another Voice in reply to JoAnne. | July 8, 2018 at 4:26 pm

    Absolutely!! Across all the posts, this is by far one the most smile worthy giving posts and threads.

She is clearly not healthy. Or she’s a drunk. The final meltdown would be epic.

Guy Gadbouis | July 8, 2018 at 6:10 pm

Hillary, thy name is hubris….

There is a nightmare scenario to having Hillary run where the Dems not only take the Executive but make giant leaps in the Legislative branch.

If she collapses a week or two before the election.

She instantly gets 24/7 news coverage, the VEEP gets to show his/her presidential chops, the GOP advertising vanishes into the margins, ‘Vote for Hillary’ becomes as much of a meme as clapping to save Tinkerbelle, Trump will say something extremely stupid or the press will slant it that way, election day turns into some sort of healing dance to save Her Highness or to vote in her memory, and the day after the election, the Dems forget all about her and grab the wheel of power with both hands.

It would be the worst possible outcome for the nation. So yes, I’m praying for her health.

    MajorWood in reply to georgfelis. | July 11, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    The Bob Roberts move. It is a great political black-comedy, regardless of one’s persuasion(s).

    My concern with Hillarity is that she could end up being a distraction for a later flanking move by a more viable candidate. I just hope that whomever is running the Trump campaign does not get as blinded by hubris as the Klinton people did. Attack the platform (none) and ignore the personalities. Sit back and shut up while the dems destroy themselves in the primaries. No need to pile on, it is just uncivil.

If the Dems can’t come up with anybody else to run and they just throw up their hands and let Hillary have another shot at it, I will be surprised.

Antifundamentalist | July 8, 2018 at 8:48 pm

Hopefully, the DNC has learned it’s lesson, even if SHE hasn’t. She lost because she is a terrible candidate. She deffends child rapists, attacks sexual assault victims, hangs out with known KKK members, makes racist comments when she thinks her microphone is off, has been involved in numerous scandals since her husband was Governor. Oh, and, she’s been a friend of Donald Trump for years, right up until he switched parties and announced his candidacy.

Hillary cant even barely walk ,howis she going to run .
Hillary will only be President if Taxidermy or CGI makes significant advances in three years .

    It doesn’t matter if she is dead, and for all I know, she may be.
    But she is still eligible to run.
    I imagine her numbers will improve with the dead voters…

I think it more likely the Democrats run a Kamala Harris/Michelle Obama ticket. 110% of the black vote, and the media will make any criticism of them impossible by calling critics racist, sexist, or both.

Satan, and his sister, are persistent losers.

The worst thing about Hillary, as though there may be such a thing, is her daughter.

Whatever became of Stupid Sydney? Last I heard, he was having to buy her undergarments under his own name as part of his community service recompense for drunk living.

Best News Ever!!!!

The real news here is that she hasn’t died of old age yet.

Doubt she’ll still be around for 2020, much less run.

And, if she did: FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

She’d guarantee it. Bet Trump would take at least 40 States too.

I don’t think she’s capable of running for anything other than the line at the bathroom door.. now that being said.. whyyyy aren’t I 50 people ahead you might ask ?!!!

I expect the Moo-ler investigation to be stretched out till early 2019, or until right after the Republicans re-nominate Trump.

Then, some convoluted, unverified stack of scurrilous innuendo will be released by Moo-ler attacking Trump, to provide ammunition for the the Hillary 2020 campaign.