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Georgetown Will Allow Grad Students to Vote on Unionization

Georgetown Will Allow Grad Students to Vote on Unionization

“Today’s agreement creates a new framework recognizing that graduate students”

This is becoming a trend at many schools. What will the schools do when these unions start flexing their muscle and striking?

The Daily Caller reports:

Georgetown Relents, Lets Students Vote On Unionizing

Georgetown University announced Monday that it will allow its graduate students to vote on forming a union, overturning a December refusal.

The school will let graduate students vote in the spring on whether or not they will unionize under the American Federation of Teachers, reported The Washington Post.

“Today’s agreement creates a new framework recognizing that graduate students’ relationship with the university is fundamentally an educational one, while also responding to their desire to have a stronger voice in the terms of their service as teaching assistants, research assistants and teaching associates,” Georgetown Provost Robert M. Groves and health sciences executive vice president Edward B. Healton said in an email obtained by WaPo.

Georgetown blocked a December attempt by graduate students to unionize, claiming that graduate student work constituted education. The Georgetown Alliance of Graduate Employees secured the ability to hold an election after offering to conduct the unionization vote without the National Labor Relations Board. The American Arbitration Association, a D.C.-area nonprofit, will instead oversee the election.


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Just wait until the BBall players strike and demand salaries higher than the medical school faculty. To me, this is a backdoor attempt to eliminate the NCAA, and long overdue. The socialist-marxist faculty issues are minor compared to the power that the athletic department wields over a University. And this is from a Tar Heel. 😉

healthguyfsu | April 4, 2018 at 8:40 pm

2 wrongs don’t make a right.