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I cannot remember a time when a presidential election took a backseat during the election year. Do you sometimes forget we have an election in November? I do! It's all about the Wuhan coronavirus. Democrats have shown determination to oust President Donald Trump since he won in November 2016. It looks like the coronavirus has caused doubts while Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a thorn in their side once again.

As chatter rises about Joe Biden's fitness, and Trump's poll number's keep rising as Biden has all but disappeared, Biden's campaign is trying to book Biden in comfort-zone interviews, where he has at least of chance of staying on script. And by staying on script, I mean literally staying on script, as in reading from notes during the interview.

The public perception problems for Joe Biden are growing. He's not all there, as is obvious from his disastrous livestreams and TV interviews, and has all but disappeared during the Wuhan coronavirus crisis. A just-released ABC News / Washington Post poll (pdf.) reveals another problem, one that comes as no surprise: Democrats are not enthsiastic about Biden, even as he racks up delegates and appears headed to the nomination.

A former staffer of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden claimed he sexually assaulted her in 1993. Biden stated that we must believe all women after Christine Blasey Ford accused now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. Will Biden believe his former staffer? Will the left stick to their rules and believe her?

One of Elizabeth Warren's key 2020 presidential campaign pledges was eschewing big money donors and PACs, claiming they were dangerous to democracy. Of course, this didn't stop her from transferring over from her Senate campaign big money from big donors, nor did it stop her campaign from holding big dollar fundraisers with a cardboard cutout in place of Warren herself.

Yesterday I blogged that Wuhan coronavirus has hampered former Vice President Joe Biden's fundraising and the Democratic National Committee (DNC). It's hard for both to compete against President Donald Trump and the Republican National Committee since both are swimming are cash. The DNC received a decent boost from billionaire former candidate Michael Bloomberg.
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