Joe Biden is an irreparably damaged candidate.

He’s just not all there. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind or wilfully blind. Or a Biden campaign consultant feeding at the trough.

Biden’s failings as a candidate is why the hashtag #PresidentCuomo was trending recently.

Anyone who is familiar with Andrew Cuomo knows how horrible a national candidate he would be. He will play well in liberal circles and big cities, but he’s been poison in much of the nation. His SAFE Act gun control legislation has led to a revolt by all but one upstate county and is deeply unpopular outside downstate. He banned fracking, allowing the Southern Tier of upstate New York to crumble while areas across the border in Pennsylvania to thrive. He forced through one of the most aggressive and abusive pro-abortion laws.

Cuomo’s recent notariety about the coronavirus pandemic has made him the new liberal McDreamy, but he is blamed for the 20,000 hospital bed decline in the state and failure to purchase 16,000 ventilators after being cautioned in 2015 that they might be needed in a future catastrophic pandemic.

So Andrew Cuomo, on his merits, would be a horrible national candidate, which probably is why he didn’t run for president, he knew he wouldn’t sell outside the most liberal circles.

Liberal Democrats are turning their lonely worried eyes to Andrew Cuomo not because of Andrew Cuomo, but because of Joe Biden.

You can feel the terror every time Biden steps in front of a microphone. Biden disappeared from the national scene as Trump dominated the airwaves and soared in the polls over his handling of the virus. When Biden reappeared, his livestreams and media appearances must be terrifying to anyone whose primary goal is defeating Donald Trump, because Biden presented as confused and feeble.

The sentiment gathering around Cuomo for President is the symptom of the incredible shrinking Joe Biden.

It might be too late for Democrats to replace Biden. But I think at this point, regardless of his delegate lead which makes him the assumed nominee, it at best is 50/50.

It’s why Bernie fights on, and Elizabeth Warren hasn’t endorsed anyone.


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