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Infamous Post-Script to Elizabeth Warren Campaign: Pro-Warren Super PAC Funded by Silicon Valley Megadonor

Infamous Post-Script to Elizabeth Warren Campaign: Pro-Warren Super PAC Funded by Silicon Valley Megadonor

Glenn Greenwald: “So basically, @ewarren — who mocked “wine cave funderaisers” — had her campaign crash when it was running on the fumes of venture capitalist oligarch wealth, delivered in the form of $14.5m dark money SuperPAC contributions from a single donor. Sounds like the right ending.”

One of Elizabeth Warren’s key 2020 presidential campaign pledges was eschewing big money donors and PACs, claiming they were dangerous to democracy.

Of course, this didn’t stop her from transferring over from her Senate campaign big money from big donors, nor did it stop her campaign from holding big dollar fundraisers with a cardboard cutout in place of Warren herself.

Even these shady moves didn’t help her fundraising coffers as her campaign started bleeding donors and her numbers tanked in the polls, so Warren flipped on the issue of accepting PAC money.

In typical Warren fashion, however, she refused to name the donor who had plunked down $14 million for her Persist PAC . . . until after Super Tuesday.  Her campaign had previously stated that all such donors should be revealed prior to Super Tuesday.

The name was finally released by Warren’s now-defunct campaign due to campaign finance filing laws.

Politico reports:

The vast majority of the super PAC millions backing Elizabeth Warren in the final days of her presidential campaign came from one person: Karla Jurvetson, a wealthy doctor based in the Bay Area who donated a massive $14.6 million to the main group that supported Warren.

In the last weeks of Warren’s struggling presidential bid, a super PAC called Persist PAC hastily formed and then swooped into Nevada, South Carolina and Super Tuesday states to run over $14 million in ads trying to resuscitate Warren’s campaign. Warren was in trouble after third and fourth place finishes in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Jurvetson is one of the biggest donors in the Democratic Party and has spoken openly about what she feels is her obligation to support female candidates. “I feel like it’s our moral duty, if we’re not going to run ourselves, to support the women who are brave enough to put their name on the ballot,” she told the Mercury News  in 2018. Jurvetson also hosted a fundraising luncheon for Warren in 2018 — before the Massachusetts senator disavowed in-person fundraising events altogether during her presidential run.

Through a spokesperson, Jurvetson declined to comment on her involvement in Persist PAC, which only collected a half-million dollars from other sources in February, according to a new campaign finance filing. Warren did not respond to a request for comment.

There is a profile of Jurveston you can read here, if you are interested.

Yep, Warren tried to fake it, but America wasn’t buying it.  Except for Jurvetson, apparently.


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biden highly unlikely to make it to the convention. bernie already got the keys to his dacha, he would rather have that then be POTUS. That leaves the bare naked thirst for power candidate, Pocahontas. The democrats have no chance with these candidates. Plan B, wreck the economy. Were are in plan B.

    Milhouse in reply to CKYoung. | March 22, 2020 at 5:31 pm

    Nah, Biden will make it to the convention even if they have to transfuse into him whatever it is that keeps RBG alive. After the convention they will switch candidates. Exactly when depends on the polls. Ideally (from their POV) they’ll keep him going until late October. Then, if he’s not doing well he’ll have some sort of medical episode and quit, and they’ll parachute in a Surprise Replacement (aka the Lautenberg Maneuver); whereas if he looks like he’s winning they’ll hold off until after the election. They have until Dec 14 to make the change.

If it wasn’t for double standards, the fake Indian would have no standards at all.

Ohio Historian | March 22, 2020 at 4:46 pm

The “guardian of the little people” and the originator of the questionable CFPB got her feathers caught in the fan. Won’t stop her from continuing to run and Dems from continuing to love her. When did HilLIARy! lose a single Dem supporter for proxy-killing an ambassador and 4 other guy and then saying “at this point, what does it matter”?

2smartforlibs | March 22, 2020 at 5:03 pm

Liberal Playbook: Do as I say not as I do.

She’s as power-mad as hillary clinton, as corrupt, as big a liar, as obnoxiously nauseating, though a lot smarter.

Hillary clinton got where she is by marrige and by easily violating the great public trust in massivelly corrupting several great American institutions, including First Ladyhood.

Fauxcahontas got there the old fashioned way: by lying and scheming.

They both belong on the ash-heap of shameful history in America. Though hillary clinton belongs on a gallows first.

One of Elizabeth Warren’s key 2020 presidential campaign pledges was eschewing big money donors and PACs, claiming they were dangerous to democracy.

To be fair, she’s probably not wrong about this. (Though of course wrong—as usual—for wallowing in it while simultaneously disclaiming it.)

Losing big in recent primaries has proven only a partial cure for the disease known as Elizabeth Warren. My fear is the rest of the cure doesn’t happen until 2024/2025, when her current term expires. <>

At the very least, Wicked Warren did feed her children, even while she was in law school.

Can’t say if she shared her Native American heritage with them as they are lineal beneficiaries.

Thin Lizzie is one woman I wish I had never heard of. Harvard inflicted her filth on Massachusetts and they did so, lavishly.

    ” Warren did feed her children…”

    She fed herself to fat city as well. But along the way, she staved other people’s children: Fauxcahontas usurped the opportunity deemed by harvard to an American Indian.

    Warren stole it – literally.

Stop the presses.
Fauxahontas lied…….again.
Never mind, don’t stop the presses unless it’s from one of the fake news organizations.

Shrieking Crow is a psychopath. There is simply no way around it. She lies as much as a Clinton or an Obama.

@puhiawa and Hollymon: Shrieking Crow/Shrieking Crone–I love those monikkers, even if I’ll stick with Big Chief Pimple-on-her-Tongue, which may also be translated from the original Ahatchwhoop as Her-very-tongue-is-one-big-pimple.

I love it when a leftist plot falls apart.