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No Whites Allowed Week in Education

No Whites Allowed Week in Education

All the education news you may have missed.

This anti-white hatred and racist madness must stop.

“No whites allowed” is illegal, unconstitutional, and flat-out wrong.

No, thank you.

Democrat-run cities are terrifying these days.

Banning *some* books is okay, even at the college level.

Okay, this is hilarious. I’m not sure if it’s intended to be, but it is.

Unconscionable and unethical abuse of academia’s supposed “authority,”


Feelings are not protected by the Constitution; indeed, the only reason to protect speech is to protect “bad” “hurtful” speech that doesn’t care about your feelz.

Erase all the history.

Replace it with ahistorical claptrap.

More of this, please.


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“No whites allowed week in Education”

That’s an education right there! I learned how segregation works and was given a basic understanding of racial profiling and affirmitive discrimination. I’ll add that to my history lesson and study it again in February.

    Hutu hunting Tutsi hunting Hutu.
    Mandela’s Xhosa durable conflict with their Zulu competitors threatening the stability and viability of community and nation.
    Kenyan elite forcing deplorables to take a knee, beg, DIE.

Diversity [dogma] (i.e. color judgment, class-based bigotry), Inequity, and Exclusion (DIE).

That said, Baby Live Matter (BLM).

    MrPeabody in reply to n.n. | August 27, 2022 at 1:51 pm

    After receiving complaints about dark skinned people from India wearing BLM buttons, a scientific study was conducted which discovered that lives have no color. Basic human life is in no way, shape or form related to the pigmentation of the skin.

    For example, it was determnied that baby lives matter even before their bodies take on any skin pigmentation. And Michael Jackson’s life still mattered even though he managed to change his skin color from black to white.

I was afraid to click on the link because I’m not allowed. /s