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Save The Country – My Top Ten Posts Of 2021

Save The Country – My Top Ten Posts Of 2021

This “is a fight in many ways for our national survival”

For most of the past several years, I have compiled a list of the 10 Most Viewed posts at Legal Insurrection based on page view stats:

But in 2017, I substituted my favorite posts because, as I explained at the time, In 2017 we had fun, fun, fun:

I was going to run a “most viewed” posts of the year post, but frankly, it wasn’t very interesting. We didn’t have any blockbusters, and the list for some reason included a post from 2015 and 2016 (which were heavily viewed in 2017).

So instead, I went through my own post timeline to find some “fun” posts that should be memorable.

This year I’m also forgoing a 10 Most Viewed list because the top 10 most viewed was so heavily dominated by coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse and Derek Chauvin cases as our Top 1 and 2 topics, respectively, for 2021. Major props to Andrew Branca for his daily live coverage and analysis.

A note on overall website traffic. Last year I noted an exceptional 2020 surge, but also thought it was an aberration caused by the unusual 2020 election year and post-election conflict:

I’m expecting a big drop in traffic in 2021. This year’s intense political and social drama likely was a driver of eyeballs that will not happen in 2021 (we think). This is something you’re likely to see across media.

And so it came to pass. This year we clocked pretty much the same traffic we had in 2019, a drop of a third from 2020, which seems typical for political websites. In our case, part of it was the normal post-election year decline, but most was our loss of social media. Parler consistently drove more traffic to us in 2020 than Facebook, then Parler was taken down and never fully recovered. Facebook was huge for us in 2020, with several viral posts, but now is close to a waste for us, we’re clearly being throttled even though we have no “strikes” against us; our content is not being shown to many people (we have 350,000 followers, we’re lucky if our stuff “reaches” 5,000 people). We’re actively seeking alternative ways to reach people. (Sign up for our newsletter and follow our new Telegram channel.)

As I did in 2017, here are my favorites from among my own posts, regardless of number of views. I didn’t start out looking for a theme, but Save The Country, the Laura Nyro song made most famous by the 5th Dimension, is what came to mind:

10. Sheldon Whitehouse Was Too Busy ‘Ralphing’ and ‘Boofing’ To Notice His Beach Club Was All White

Let me search for the clown emoji. Where is it? Can’t seem to find it. Oh, here it is. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

9. The claim that Parler represents some unique risk to public safety is a lie driven by politics

The BIG LIE of 2021. How convenient that Amazon Web Services took down a rising competitor to AWS’s client Twitter. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

8. Critical Race Group Targets Diverse List Of Anti-CRT “Frontline Spokespeople” (Including Me)

I finally made a list!

7. Democrats/Media Deploy Same “Eliminationist Narrative” Against School Parents As They Did Against Tea Party

Democrat operatives and the media. But I repeat myself.

6. Thank You Mitch McConnell For Keeping Merrick Garland Off The Supreme Court

Whatever else you think of Mitch, he done good with this one.

5. Prepping for the Worst

I’ve been getting ready for several months now. I feel better already, although there’s still a way to go. I’m still not prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

4. The Biden Stain

So many stains on our country from creepy uncle Joe. We are one big blue dress.

3. “The fight over Critical Race Theory in education is a fight in many ways for our national survival”

Education is sick. Time is running out. Run for school board. Serve public records requests. Protest. Homeschooling, school choice, and follow-the-student funding are the civil rights issues of our time around which multi-racial, multi-ethnic coalitions can be built. Everyone needs to do something.

2. “what’s being taught on campuses is that the … most important thing … is the color of your skin”

How did we get to this point? We surrendered the campuses, and it’s probably too late to get them back. We laughed at the craziness, and now the crazy has spread off campus.

1. “Leave Democrats to their own devices, and they will screw themselves politically, just when they are at the height of power”

We have seen this movie before. This time, however, they have been more destructive faster than expected, ruthlessly efficient at harming the country.

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Grateful is not a strong enough word.

Not just because you put together a sharp team, but because you make the effort to remind us to never forget events like Johnny Spann or the Sbarro bombing.

This site has always been at the front on issues and persons of interest.

Grateful indeed.

I have a lot of favorite posts and can’t pick one but 2012 was a good year for LI.

Here is what I believe, and have been arguing for years, is how we need to approach 2022 and beyond: we are largely united as Americans but keep trapping ourselves in our misplaced bad habits regarding party loyalty.


We need to gel as Americans first because there is no Democrat or Republican solution. This is how Trump got elected in the first place and if we do this right, we won’t be once again settling for the lesser of two evils.

Nothing is working right now and yet we keep arguing “how things work”. Most of us are now muddling about in the big middle that accounts for why there are so many disgruntled Americans registered as unaffiliated independents or not registered at all. We are largely united on the big issues. We believe in law and order. We believe in our traditional constitutional freedoms which includes right to life, freedom of speech, strong borders, the right to bear arms and so on. Those are not “conservative” values. They are AMERICAN values and we absolutely MUST reframe our narrative to reflect that.

If we all agree that those are our most cherished values, why are we fighting separately along the lines imposed on us by the Uniparty kabuki script? Why can’t we stand up and rise against BOTH wings of the Uniparty? Democrat and Republican? Most of us have already given up on the Uniparty AND we know we are in the majority.

So let’s make it MAGA first in 2022 and let’s see how that plays out. If we blow up the Uniparty in 2022, and that only happens with a dominant Trump, it is very likely Trump won’t run in 2024 and we won’t have to agonize about the return of Hillary or Michelle to run against him. Trump would likely then endorse DeSantis and we would be on our way. Isn’t that what we all want in the end? DeSantis? Any “conservative” who is not on board with this (Cruz… hint, hint) is a selfish moron who get crushed in the 2024 Trump steam roller machine.

am reminded of an epic scene from an epic film–chayefsky/lumet’s “network”–when commentator beale exhorts his listeners to get up out of their chairs, walk over to the window, throw it open, stick their heads out and yell “i’m mad as hell and i’m not going to take this anymore”–have seen many examples of our countrymen coming to the end of their tolerance–parents at schoolboard meetings, health care workers, pilots, service men and women, police officers and many others–it is time to take action–time for all of us to do what we know needs to be done

Steven Brizel | January 4, 2022 at 12:15 pm

Keep up the great work!