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In 2017 we had fun, fun, fun

In 2017 we had fun, fun, fun

’till our spouses took the computer away.

I was going to run a “most viewed” posts of the year post, but frankly, it wasn’t very interesting. We didn’t have any blockbusters, and the list for some reason included a post from 2015 and 2016 (which were heavily viewed in 2017).

So instead, I went through my own post timeline to find some “fun” posts that should be memorable. Here they are:

10. Montana: Rock’em Sock’em Republican KO’s Nudist Resort Singing Cowboy Democrat

Remember when the Republican candidate in Montana’s Special Election body-slammed a Pajama-Boy reporter? But still beat the nudist resort singing cowboy Democrat candidate? The headline pretty much wrote itself.

9. VIDEO satire “Real Housewives of ISIS” attacked as Islamophobic

The satire was too much for the BBC, which pulled the video. But we still have it at the link.

8. “Rebel Nerd of Meteorology” has Twitter meltdown over Trump election

Trump victory meltdowns are the best. This self-described “Rebel Nerd of Meteorology” required mental health help to deal with the impending Trump Inauguration.

7. No need for college, just attend ‘SJW Insult Generator’ University

Sounds pretty accurate to me.

6. A Honey Bee story

That’s my backyard, deck and patio in Rhode Island. Those are my neighbors removing a swarm of honey bees. Wait, what!

5. Video: Anti-free speech protester strips

You know what the most fun part of this post is? You can’t unsee this image.

 4. VIDEO: Lead Palestinian terrorist hunger striker Marwan Barghouti cheats and eats

Marwan Barghouti, serving 5 life terms for murder, is considered a likely future leader of the Palestinian Authority or whatever replaces it. He figured he’d raise his standing on the Palestinian street even more by going on a hunger strike. Then the Zionists left food in his cell to tempt him, and he tried to shovel it down his throat quickly, figuring no one would ever know. He forgot one thing, the Zionist video camera captured it all.

3. Top 11 Reasons The NY Times Will Not Hire Me

Cold. Hard. Truth. Neither Merrick Garland nor I ever will be a Supreme Court Justice.

2. Hamas explosives chief accidentally blows himself up

This one never gets old. Read the whole thing, the ending is positively explosive.

Muhammad Hemada Walid al-Quqa

1. VIDEO: Female protester lets out Primal Scream as Trump inaugurated

If you get pleasure from this woman’s primal scream, you are a completely sick and twisted freak. Stop laughing. I’m serious.

* * * * *

All in all, we had fun, fun, fun.


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I still say the female screamer is actor rick moranis.

Regarding Video #1: That was a FEMALE?

Morning Sunshine | January 1, 2018 at 10:54 pm

the Real Housewives of ISIS link no longer has video. Too bad; I thought that was hilarious!

Sundance of Conservative Treehouse wraps up the grand conspiracy to turn America into Mexico. Corrupt.

How many other bloggers have posts that are still widely read two years later?