I think this will be a tradition now, at least as long as I can remember to do it.

Last year we posted the 10 most viewed Legal Insurrection posts in 2015, and it was well received. So here we go again.

2016 was a turbulent year, but I’m pleased that year over year, we increased page views by 1 million views versus 2015, to over 16 million views. And 2015 was over 1 million page views over 2014. So things are heading in the right direction.

We didn’t see a huge election year bounce this year, but we also didn’t crash like many “conservative” websites, and our traffic is up post-election.

So without further introduction, here are our 10 most viewed posts, plus an honorable mention.

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10. Hillary: ‘I Don’t Hold Any Ill Feeling’ Against Benghazi Families Who Misunderstood Me

That statement pretty much summed up why people disliked Hillary so much. She was the victim of Benghazi, don’t you know?


9. Bernie: No, I won’t explain how I’ll pay for everything for everyone

What’s that statement about running out of other people’s money?


8. DHS Whistleblower: I was ordered to scrub records of Muslims with terror ties

What’s with all this scrubbing going on?


7. Analysis: Is it lawful self-defense to “run down” rioters surrounding your vehicle?

This grew out of Prof. Glenn Reynolds’ (Instapundit) tweet about running down rioters. He was right, based on this analysis by Andrew.


6. VIDEO: Seattle University Students Struggle to Explain Male vs. Female

We are so screwed.


5. Freddie Gray: Five of Six Officers Now Suing Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby

Remind me to check up on how these lawsuits are going against America’s Worst Prosecutor.


4. Gun Inequality – Liberals now complaining about “hardcore super owners”

Is that like Super Predators, Hillary?


3. The Internet Responds to New Trump/Pence Logo

Liberals saw a sex act in it. That’s the sort of insanity that allowed Trump to **** liberals in the election.


2. Hillary Clinton’s Vulgarity Makes Trump Look Like Shakespeare!

She’s a poet, and she didn’t even know it.


1. Is Twitter Silencing Conservatives?

Conservatives may be paranoid, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t out to get us.


Honorable Mention

This post just missed the cut, but it’s my personal favorite. Nurse Ratchet, anyone?

Britain’s new Foreign Minister once compared Hillary to “a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”



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