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Mike LaChance’s Top 10 Posts Of 2020

Mike LaChance’s Top 10 Posts Of 2020

What a year.

This year I decided to sort my posts by month and just pick a favorite from almost each one.

It’s been such a crazy year, I figured this might simplify things. Here we go.

Let us never forget the absurd and vile slurs that were made in this time.

1. MSNBC’s Joy Reid: You Have “Nazis Walking Around” Because of Trump

Remember when this was CNN’s greatest concern?

2. CNN Condemns Trump Coronavirus Task Force For “Lack of Diversity”

I love this guy and I’m so glad he won.

3. Mark Robinson of “I’m the Majority” Fame Wins GOP Nomination for Lt. Governor in North Carolina

This was so obviously staged.

4. ‘You Guys Are Pravda’ — CNN stages Chris Cuomo Emerging From Quarantine, but He Previously Went Out

This school should still be ashamed for this.

5. Berklee College of Music in Boston Apologizes for Letting Police Use Bathrooms During Protests

This is one of the reasons why so many people don’t trust anything anymore.

6. Dr. Fauci Confirms Early in Pandemic, America Was Lied to About Face Masks

This was such a strong message. It’s a shame more people didn’t hear it.

7. Cuban Immigrant and Gas Executive Warns Americans About the Dangers of Communism

They’re still rioting now, almost six months later.

8. VIDEO: Rep. Jerry Nadler Says Antifa Violence in Portland is a “Myth”

This was hilarious. They should have done more of it.

9. Princeton President Says School is Racist, Education Department Believes Him and Opens Investigation

This was a warning and we should listen to it.

10. Chinese Professor: “We Have People at the Top of America’s Core Inner Circle of Power”

On to 2021!


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Nice recapof some of 2020’s horrors.

Keep up the great work, Mike!