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The Beginning of the End Week in Higher Education

The Beginning of the End Week in Higher Education

Your weekly report on campus news.

If Hampshire College folds, no small private liberal arts colleges are safe.

What could be driving this collapse?

It’s a real mystery.

It’s almost like the views of half the country are dismissed on campus.

The left would consider this radical.

This is sadly unusual.


Compare and contrast.

An argument for campus carry.


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May this spread widely and quickly.

I’ve read one commentator saying that in New Hampshire, Hampshire College was long called Extended High School for Rich Kids.

Was that last one taking the “advocacy for sex work” class?

Working their way through college as a paid protester.

I live near Hampshire College. They have always been so proud of their progressive politics that they never learned the simple law of supply and demand. Will you pay 60k a year to send your child to a place where he/she will never learn a marketable skill? It eventually caught up to them.