Can you even imagine being so triggered over something like this that you would alert the authorities?

The DCist reports:

Despite Student Concerns, Man In Confederate Hoodie At American University Was There Lawfully

A man wearing a Confederate hoodie was spotted at an American University dining hall last week, prompting nearby students to express their concerns about him to a university police officer. After reviewing the incident, school officials said he was there lawfully.

Fanta Aw, the vice president of campus life and inclusive excellence at AU, wrote in a campus-wide email that the man in question was not a student, but was with a guest of a student and was not breaking any school policies (American University owns DCist’s parent company, WAMU).

An AU student wrote in a Facebook post, which was shared more than 65 times, that her friend told the man to take off the hoodie because it was offensive, and that he replied, “Good.” The student wrote that dining hall staff did not intervene until she said she was “anxious and could no longer eat.” The Terrace Dining Room had a “Spanish Night” theme that evening, according to The Eagle.

Aw wrote in her email that “We recognize that the symbol of the Confederacy represents much pain, division, and a complex history of slavery and racism. So this episode, brief as it was, has prompted difficult and important discussions about how challenging it can be to resolve the tensions between freedom of expression and diversity and inclusion.”