It seems like every time a conservative is going to appear on a college campus, there’s some issue.

The College Fix reports:

UC-Irvine cites ‘security threat’ to disrupt Dennis Prager event, College Republicans claim

A conservative student group accused the University of California-Irvine of bureaucratic shenanigans ahead of its Tuesday event with conservative columnist and radio host Dennis Prager.

UCI College Republicans President Kimo Gandall told The College Fix that he received a notice from the administration Thursday, less than a week before the scheduled event, that the club would not be allowed to seat the audience in the chosen venue until the moment the speech was scheduled to start.

The university claimed that a “security threat” required that seating happen right as the event begins, Gandall said in a phone interview. The club is talking to its lawyers about what to do next.

The seating situation is not the only gripe the club has. Gandall accused the university of selectively applying its flyer and sign policy to the CRs (left).

UC-Irvine limits flyers to one each in six sections of campus, and while the CRs don’t have a problem with the policy per se, Gandall said few clubs follow the rules – “and it seems like the leftists [below] get away with” flouting them.

Asked to respond to the club’s allegations, an administration spokesperson initially did not speak with any specificity about what UC-Irvine required the club to do, and on what grounds.


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