This illustrates the importance of diversity to higher ed. It’s like an undeclared religion in academia.

The Washington Examiner reports:

College photoshops billboard to make students look more diverse

York College of Pennsylvania isn’t exactly known for its diversity. About 82 percent of its students are white, according to Education Department data.

But, like most universities, it really wants to appear diverse — so much so that the university actually swapped out two white students with more diverse-looking students in a new billboard. The college confirmed the photo was indeed photoshopped.

York doubled down on the controversial photo with defensive comments from multiple university officials, including York College President Pamela Gunter-Smith, who took responsibility for the advertisement.

“We are not as diverse in number as we would like to be, but we are, nevertheless, a diverse campus in all respects,” Gunter-Smith said. All respects, except race or ethnicity, of course.