It sounds like some students are calling out professors for political bias. The “I feel unsafe” line is right out of the progressive student playbook.

The Daily Caller reports:

Illinois Professors Perplexed by Political Disagreement. They Are Looking for Ways to Stop the Trolls

Professors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) are trying to deal with politically-based harassment and classroom disruptions as they feel unsafe, according to Inside Higher Ed.

UIUC faculty senate members passed a revised policy proposal Monday that says it will strengthen current university policy on student disruptions and harassment.

But media and cinema studies professor Jay Rosenstein’s original idea was to ban students from entering classes if students had a history of trolling or harassing a specific faculty member.

He came up with the idea after claiming a “dedicated political opponent” enrolled in his class to see if the professor was indoctrinating students, Inside Higher Ed reported.

Rosenstein has been against American Indian sports mascots and was arrested in January 2018 after filming a pro-Chief Illiniwek, the school’s mascot, group in the bathroom. Rosenstein claimed he was trying to get footage of the student putting on the American Indian costume and how school employees could be helping the student. The unauthorized filming charge was dropped against the professor, The News-Gazette reported.

The media studies professor also wanted the university to address social media harassment because the university does not fully address the issue, according to the revised policy proposal.

Associate professor of women’s and gender studies and faculty Senator Teresa Barnes believes professors feel “unsafe” because some students will attack their professors on social media over ideology, Inside Higher Ed reported.

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