Is this what passes for the pursuit of scholarship now? Sex work?

Campus Reform reports:

‘Social justice fest’ promotes sex work advocacy, boycotting Wendy’s

Brandeis University will host a week-long series of social justice events, including ones led by “advocates for sex workers” and ones informing students how they can support a boycott of Wendy’s.

The “DEIS IMPACT Festival of Social Justice,” run by Brandeis’ Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (ODEI), starts Sunday and continues through Feb. 9. It consists of dozens of individual events with social justice themes.

Campus Reform spoke with ODEI representative Jonathan Kroll about the Massachusetts school’s function.

Kroll explained that the festival has occurred annually for the past seven years, but that 2019 marks the first festival run by the ODEI. There are over 50 events during the week and each event is organized, funded, and run by individual groups on campus: departments, faculty members, student clubs, etc. The 2019 theme is “What is Social Justice?: Consciously Exploring Oppression, Power, and Privilege in our Communities.”

The ODEI representative further explained that campus groups that seek to run an event during the festival must apply to an “IMPACTers” committee that decides which applications will be approved.

Some of the events include: “Rights Not Rescue: A Workshop and Panel on Sex Workers’ Rights,” Boycott Wendy’s: Why & How,” “Phyllis Bennis Speaks: The Marginalization Of Gaza And The West Bank,” and “Reading God and Torah From a Transgender Perspective: A Talk with Joy Ladin.”