Like so many other dumb events on campus these days, this had nothing to do with scholarship or even fun. And when people noticed it, the school pulled the plug.

Campus Reform reports:

UI cries fake news while canceling ‘whiteness’ event

The University of Iowa canceled an event, titled, “Understanding Your Whiteness,” after questions over what content it would have presented.

Campus Reform initially reported on the event in November. Following that reporting, at least one Iowa state lawmaker raised concern over how the event was being marketed to students.

“The name got our attention. There are some things in the name that can cause red flags or raise questions about what is this about,” Republican state Rep. Steve Holt told the Cedar Rapids Gazette recently.

But university spokeswoman Jeneane Beck didn’t acknowledge anything wrong with the event itself. Rather, she cited how the event had been “misconstrued” by the media.

Campus Reform’s reporting at the time merely quoted the university’s own description of the event.

A university spokesperson told another online outlet that “after receiving feedback from some campus partners, we realized we may have been unclear with our language and have since updated the description to more directly align with the workshop’s learning goals.”