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Collapsing Narratives Week at Legal Insurrection

Collapsing Narratives Week at Legal Insurrection

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One thing that strikes me is the low information types that were in that Comey interview reaction group. There were a number of them who were unaware of a number of things that they should have known about.

Comey lied repeatedly, and the book highlights his egotistical views of himself. Comey tries to sell that his unethical and possibly criminal actions WHILE FBI director shouldn’t have any challenge, then passes it off as he is private citizen, yet he wasn’t just some mook, he used his power of office to influence what looks like a massive conspiracy against the President, and a cover up of epic proportions of actions done by the FBI, CIA and DOJ to push Hillary to be queen. Trump wasn’t threatening Comey with jail because he was a “private citizen”, Trump was saying that Comey’s actions while director are highly questionable, and he should be brought to account.

Comey, for all his tall stature as a person, is a small, vindictive man, I hope he does have to pay for his actions, for the sake of the FBI, for the sake of the Country.

Maria Bartiromo had Nunes on this morning and after listening to him tell all that has been gleaned from the available material she basically summed it up by saying that the Mueller investigation was based entirely on false information. Nunes said that initially everyone thought there would be an intelligence product that would be compelling enough to start this investigation. But after over a year of stalling, the DoJ has finally shown that there was nothing there. This entire mess was based on a “Dossier” of lies and unproven rumors. Think about that! Our own Justice department has been investigating our duly elected president for over a year based on a collection lies bought and paid for by the DNC and hillary! I am surprised that Trump or Sessions has not already sought relief from SCOTUS over this travesty of injustice!