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San Diego County Supports Lawsuit Against California’s “Sanctuary State” Rules

San Diego County Supports Lawsuit Against California’s “Sanctuary State” Rules

“Today’s vote shows the rest of the nation that SB54, the California Values Act, was not about California values, but Sacramento values.”

The #CounterResistance gained an important, new member today when the San Diego County Board of Supervisors officially voted to support the US Department of Justice in its lawsuit against California SB54’s “Sanctuary State” rules.

With the vote, San Diego County became California’s most populous county to rebuke state policies aimed at protect select immigrants from deportation. The sanctuary state law, SB 54, limits cooperation between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities.

San Diego County’s approach differs from that of the Orange County supervisors, who voted last month to join the suit. Instead, the San Diego County attorney will draft an amicus brief in support of the case, which will allow officials to offer their opinion without actually becoming involved in the courtroom fight.

However, the deadline to file such a brief has passed, meaning the earliest opportunity San Diego County will have to weigh in on the case will be if and when a decision in this case is appealed by the losing party to a higher court.

Dawn Wildman, Director of the Coalition for Policy Reform, had this response:

“Today’s vote shows the rest of the nation that SB54, the California Values Act, was not about California values, but Sacramento values…specifically those of our elite politicians. San Diego County is now the most significant region to officially support the lawsuit, and this move will inspire other cities and counties to fight for the rule of law.”

In part, Wildman attributes robust grassroots activism, an approach that was effectively developed during the 2009 Tea Party movement, for today’s successful challenge. Rallies have been held to urge supporting the Department of Justice lawsuit for the past several weeks, and citizens were urged to contact Board of Supervisor members.

“Those that are representing us in Sacramento do not represent the people,” said [Board Member Diane] Jacob when she briefed the media on today’s vote. “Our state legislature is out of touch.”

[Board Member Kristin] Gaspar said the board received more than 800 pieces of correspondence supporting the decision however she admitted the board did not cross-reference to make sure the emails were from residents of San Diego County.

Both Gaspar and Jacob repeatedly said the decision was based on maintaining public safety and keeping criminals out of the region.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (CA-50) praised the vote:

“The U.S. Constitution clearly places border policy and our immigration laws within the purview of the federal government. State or local governments cannot just choose to ignore federal statutes because of a political agenda, especially when doing so places its citizens at risk by leaving criminals eligible for deportation in our communities. Our San Diego County Supervisors who took action today deserve our thanks and we need to hold every elected official accountable who does not demonstrate the same the type of leadership.”

As did many San Diegans:

It will be fascinating to see if the #CounterResistance impacts the 2018 election in California. And while California is not normally a leading indicator for national elections, I believe that today’s vote demonstrates that reports of a Big Blue Wave this year are #FakeNews.


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We have the power to push back against the fascist left: “we” just have to learn to use it – and never stop.

I think there is a distinct possibility that California can flip in the next Presidential election, particularly if the State government continues its petulant behavior.

The pretense, that after twice electing Barack Obama to the presidency, the voters of this country suddenly became a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic basket of deplorables is so stupid it became an instant, classic joke. The Democratic Party and all of the California politicians need to do some soul searching, with due consideration of the fact that the candidate who ran on policy, instead of character assassination, won.

The voters are not stupid. They were turned off by eight years of failed policy and a risible campaign. We were merely lucky that the opposition candidate turned out to be as good for us as he is.

Sacramento values population replacement — resolution of Planned Parenthood — and mass emigration to gerrymander the vote and for labor arbitrage.