Pollster Frank Luntz recently conducted a focus group on former FBI Director James Comey’s interview with George Stephanopoulos.

The group was comprised of 15 people, Republicans and Democrats who provided feedback while watching the interview. Using hand-held dials, participants dialed up when something Comey said or did during his interview pleased them and dialed down when they had a negative reaction.

They had at least one thing in common: all were bothered by Comey’s claim that he didn’t remember where he was on Election Night.

From Mediaite:

Several who participated in the focus group were bothered by Comey’s lack of recollection of where he was on Election Night in 2016, one saying he “lost credibility” and another saying he “looked like a complete moron.”

“Probably his weakest moment was when he didn’t know where he was on Election Night,” Luntz told Nightline. “That they thought that some of the things that he couldn’t answer as FBI Director he should have been able to answer. That was the negative.”

The Republicans “bottomed out” during the election night discussion, but the Democrats also had a serious issue with him not voting or not having a memory of where he was that night.

The two sides split when Comey brought up President Donald Trump’s appearance. The Republicans dialed very low while the Democrats dialed up.

One participant was bothered that Comey provided many details of Trump’s physical looks and not enough details on Trump’s leadership. Another man agreed with the first guy and said that Comey needs to get rid of the petty behavior.

Luntz said that Comey’s attack on Trump’s appearance hurt him. He also stressed to “people, CEOs and candidates,” to never “talk about someone’s appearance no matter how mad you are about them.”

Bipartisan support shined through when Comey said that Trump shouldn’t be impeached and also that Trump should not have fired Comey.

Luntz said that the president should “pay attention to that last bit.” These people think he made the “wrong decision” and “that Trump is responsible for the actions.”

Afterward, one participant found the focus group to be “an extremely eye-opening experience” and described Comey as a “very weak, pathetic personality” and “two-faced.”


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