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Democrats: Give Us the House so We Can Raise Your Taxes

Democrats: Give Us the House so We Can Raise Your Taxes

“Republicans are campaigning on just the opposite”

In addition to their multiple calls for greater gun control, Democrats have found another message they believe is a winner for the 2018 midterms. They want to repeal the GOP tax cuts. They can’t stand the idea of people being allowed to keep more of their own money.

Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara write at the Washington Times:

New threat to tax cuts

Congressional Democrats are campaigning for control of Congress in November on a pledge to repeal the recent tax reform tax cuts. That would increase taxes on working people and their employers, taking back the jobs, bonuses, pay raises, and economic growth and recovery that tax reform is already producing.

Republicans are campaigning on just the opposite. They pledge to make the tax-reform tax cuts permanent, which they couldn’t do last year because not a single Democrat in Congress would vote for the tax cuts or to break a Senate filibuster.

The contest over tax reform, which has become epic, was intensified by House Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to not seek re-election to Congress. Tax reform is his legacy as much as President Donald Trump’s, as it became that of Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy. The stakes for this November — and for America’s future well-being — are overwhelming…

But repealing the tax-reform tax cuts — as Democrats pledge if their congressional majorities are restored this year — would reverse these middle-class tax cuts, replacing them with tax increases for the middle class instead. That would raise taxes on average middle-class families by more than $2,000 annually.

Bernie Sanders may be an independent, but we all know which team he votes with, especially when it comes to spending other people’s money. Justin Caruso writes at the Daily Caller:

Bernie Sanders’ Tax Day Message: We Want To Raise Your Taxes

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has a super popular idea on tax day — repeal the Republican tax cuts and raise people’s taxes.

Sanders also retweeted this video from Keith Ellison:

Finally, here’s Democrat Whip Steny Hoyer on CNBC talking about raising taxes. He also says that tax reform is going to create more debt than President Obama created, if you can believe it:

Does anyone else think this strategy is a bit problematic?

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More people being allowed to keep more of their own money equals freedom. Dems can’t stand that.

    herm2416 in reply to Whitewall. | April 18, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Clearly, they feel our entire paycheck should belong to the government. The fact that they use the term “allow” absolutely fries me.

Given the majority of democrats don’t actually work then this is a great message for the base.

For adults living in the real world it’s not such a great message.

Well, there’s something to be said for honesty.

casualobserver | April 18, 2018 at 7:50 am

Seems pretty consistent for this century. First they say mostly rich people and big evil corporations and their rich evil shareholders benefited.

Then they make the tired progressive promise ….”Vote Democrat and we’ll give you more of their money. ” What do you expect from a party that can only run against something?

“Congressional Democrats are campaigning for control of Congress in November on a pledge to repeal the recent tax reform tax cuts. That would increase taxes on working people and their employers, taking back the jobs, bonuses, pay raises, and economic growth and recovery that tax reform is already producing.”

But it will be framed as community investment is suffering because of the tax cuts for the evil 1%. It’s all in the framing.

given there are about 47% that do not pay income taxes in the first place, and probably about 20-30 % that get back more than they pay in even with FICA and Medicare, they might have a good chance.

Bernie isn’t a Democrat, he’s left of Democrat and that’s saying something today.

A congressional campaign commercial in our area literally says Trump is bad so vote for me. The commercial doesn’t mention the political party although you can probably guess. It also doesn’t give any clue about what the candidate supports. You can probably guess that too.

A Party which can be trusted to do what it says it will does at least have some novelty value.

Hey, don’t sell the Dimocrats short, they have other things they can run on in the next election:
-we hate Donald Trump, so you should hate Donald Trump, too.
-give up your 2nd Amendment rights, because assault rifles are evil.
-borders? We don’t need no stinkin’ borders!
-Global Warming! Amirite?
-free abortions for everybody. Yay!

Only a basket of deplorables would disagree with those.

Such a youthful complexion for a 78 year old grifter.

If some states want higher taxes they should get them. That is one reason we have state government. Why should we all pay for the excesses of a few states.

    Immolate in reply to kjon. | April 18, 2018 at 9:42 am

    And they are, good and hard. Trump managed to create a tax cut that was a tax hike for the wealthy in high-tax blue states. Dems know that nobody has sympathy for millionaires being denied a subsidy that is effectively a wealth transfer from the federal treasury to certain states with punitive tax regimes. I’m not a tax guy, but I’m also not a loop-hole guy.

I can remember when a certain DemocRAT presidential candidate who went down to defeat in a 49 state landslide, because he wanted to raise taxes. I guess the Dems will never learn talking about raising taxes and gun cintrol are the two issues the American people don’t like to hear about. Especially, when people are working and making money.

    murkyv in reply to Stan25. | April 18, 2018 at 9:46 pm

    And buying guns.

    I just waited 20 minutes to get my fishing license at a local farm store that has a gun counter.

    I was waiting while the salesman was going through some basics and showing a young couple who were first-time-buyers the options for a light carry 9mm for the wifey.

    She ultimately chose a Ruger and was doing the NICS check on one of the 3 computer stations they have when I finally got my turn.

    It seems that every time I’m near a gun counter in the past 10 years, I’ve seen first-time buyers. Many of them have been women in the 40-75 year old range

Actually, this is a winning strategy for the Democrats.

For 50 years, the Democrats have been actively working to make every person in this country, except the wealthy elite, totally dependent upon the federal government. Welfare, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, Obamacare subsidies, and other federal subsidies, plus government regulation has forced over 50% of the people in this country to rely upon the government, directly, for their well being. By threatening those subsidies, in this case by claiming that people will lose them if the tax cuts remain, the Dems make a case to be returned to control of Congress and other offices. Of course, their track record strongly suggests that if they regain power the working class will suffer even more.

The Dems will play the class warfare card, the race card, the gender card and every other card this year, in order to win elections.

Yet everyone is so unconcerned with Obamacare and lack of it ending or replacing with something better.

I could fix half of the problem directly: Cash net 30 gets any cash payer the negotiated medicare rates. Boom. Those of us stuck paying $1100 / month for the honor of paying 12k in deductible could self insure through 99% of life’s events.

Yet all we hear in the news is Russia collusion and Stormy freaking whoever she is.

    And the ability to have *real* Medical Saving Accounts would swat nearly all of the rest of the problems. I’ve been tempted for ages to create a separate cash account with a debit card to handle deductible medical expenses, just to keep the paperwork in line.

      I don’t need more “special” accounts where the government puts strings on MY money (IRAs etc). I’m an adult, I would like to access my money I earned w/out the permission of Big Brother. If medical costs are tax deductible, fine- I’ll take that break on the back side, but until then I want the freedom and discretion to use that money however I want.

    murkyv in reply to Andy. | April 18, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Having just been priced out of my BC/BS policy ($350/mo in 2009…$1624/mo in 2018) I found myself looking for a way to get cheaper prescriptions for the 3 meds I HAVE to take.

    My BP med was going to be $135/mo at CVS, where I have gotten my meds for years.

    A friend told me about the FREE GoodRX card one can print out or download an AP for your phone. Punch in the name of the med and dosage and it gives you the coupon price at all the pharmacies in your area.

    That particular $135/mo med ended up costing me $23 for a 90-day.
    refill. Another $38/mo one, I got for $15 for 3-month refill.

    Also works with ones with insurance. Just not Medicare or Medicaid

Henry Hawkins | April 18, 2018 at 12:15 pm

Hmm. This doesn’t sound like a winning political gambit to me…


BierceAmbrose | April 18, 2018 at 4:02 pm

Higher standard deduction & lower marginal rate — easy for people to get. So the people who pay taxes get that they are keeping more.

Three harder sells actually help people who make less:
— regulations are taxes everybody pays, collected by somebody else

— A higher corporate tax means less jobs, for you, and

— “Deductions” you can’t take mean you are being taxed more, to cover them.

Gov Moonbeam was speechifying the other day, about all the CA folk who will “pay more taxes.” Meaning federal taxes. Well…
— They won’t be able to deduct their state taxes — they get the roads their state taxes buy, while the rest of us cover about 1/3 their costs.

— It’s only state taxes over 10,000 we aren’t subsidizing any more. Who pays that, anyway?

I can understand how Governor Moonbeam might be bugged at having to deliver a dollar’s value to CA taxpayers for the dollars he takes, vs. seventy cents with the rest of us covering the difference.

Mortgage interest deductions are similar.

I do think people who call out these changes are kinda outing themselves as pretty darn wealthy. A tiny fraction of the people. If only there were a term for that … the … percent … the few percent … the singular percent … the one percent. Yeah, that’s got a ring to it. Lucky nobody’s used that.

A politically astute R-party (Hey, it could happen. I saw a unicorn once.) would do the math…

Where does someone paying enough state taxes to get clipped fall in income. Someone paying 10,000 in NYS tax, lets say has 100,000 in income, beyond all their deductions, allowances, and so on. Call that another 100,000.

You have to make 200,000 to start being clipped by the deduction change. In a country where the median family income is around 50,000, that makes you 1% ish, I’m thinking. Besides what’s your net worth if you make >200k a year? A million? Could you be one of those one-percenter “millionaires and billionaires” someone was going on about. (The name will come to me.)

Tax reform ad:

“We’re letting you keep more, by making those millionaires and billionaires pay more. Their fair share, even. And they say we don’t agree with the previous administration on anything. In this we agree … the difference is we got it done.”

It’s the stupid party, so they won’t do this. No more would they run these:

“You say you want to pay more taxes? The reform last year did that — you are rich enough to pay more taxes, while 90% of Americans pay less. You’re welcome. BTW, you voted against it, and you’re running against it now. Care to explain?”

Or, the famous D ad showing NotRyan pushing granny’s wheelchair off a cliff

Cut to line of wheelchairs & tray of shots, same outdoor setting from a different angle. You can see where the wheelchair came from.

Inject one. Inject next. Out of injections on the tray.

Go to next who starts quietly weeping. Pull chair out of line & start toward cliff:

NotRyan: “I’m so sorry. There’s nothing left. They wouldn’t let me fix it. I tried.”

Greatest generation face, calm, with tears still on face, touches his arm. “It’s OK.” Stoically, faces forward to their doom.

Over the cliff.

And scene.

The best thing is, run ads like that, especially the last, and like Governor Moonbeam the chattering classes won’t be able to stop themselves from panning them. 24×7. For weeks. Spreading the message far and wide. Herself said “deplorables” to a room full of worshipers, but it got out to tens of millions more. She reinforced 50 votes she already had, and pulled 10,000s into the polls.

They can’t help themselves. Ali called it “rope a dope.”

    randian in reply to BierceAmbrose. | April 19, 2018 at 12:29 am

    “You have to make 200,000 to start being clipped by the deduction change”

    No, it’s a lot less than that. Less than $100k I reckon. Remember that while the standard deduction went up the personal exemption disappeared. If your itemized deductions are higher than the standard deduction then the loss of the personal exemption is a straight up tax increase only partly offset by the slightly lower tax rate (the original 3-bracket scheme would have been a lot more favorable, but the Democrats wouldn’t sign off on it).

Geez, how many years have r’s promised this tax cut before finally doing it?
Maybe ocare will finally be repealed…..that’s sarcasm.
I don’t have a lot of faith in either party, they both suck hard.

Democrats are just scary. A bunch of lunatic wealthy elites, leading a mob of disgruntled race mongers, angry single women who can’t find a mate, vast mobs of the uneducated and stupid, dependent incomprehensible morons babbling about Obamaphones, Muslims, and millions of immigrants that despise America but enjoy welfare and not having to work for a living.