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Branco Cartoon – Fatal Attraction

Branco Cartoon – Fatal Attraction

I will not be ignored, Don

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Higher Loyalty, to whom? Narcissistic man-child, who has been caught out in lies, hides behind classified documents when convenient yet leaks others through his lawyer friend. I’d say this cartoon shows his better side.

Both Comey and Mueller have a history of deciding that it’s ok to break the rules in pursuit of their idea of a higher good. And, both have a history of making serious, consequential mistakes due to those decisions.

One of the reason that our forebears placed such emphasis on due process is because they had experience with human failings that resulted in witch hunts. Each generation in the US seems to need to re-learn the lesson.

They’re both poor quality lawyers who have committed unethical acts, and both should be disbarred.

Only thing missing is his pink pussy hat.

The Media sooo wants to buy what he’s selling. If otherwise, he’d have been forgotten already.

Bret Baier will be interviewing Comey very soon.

I see this interview as Baier’s “Murrow/McCarthy” moment. He can do the USA a great service by ripping Comey to shreds simply by focusing on FACTS and the TRUTH.

Good luck, Bret.

4th armored div | April 16, 2018 at 12:32 pm

ceme(y)dien is 6’8 and his morality is inversely proportional his hate – oops – hight.

What’s that ? President Nancy Pelosi “FIRED” Robert Mueller ?

If Nancy says so … it must be a good idea.