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California’s #CounterResistance to “Sanctuary State” law continues to grow, more cities consider taking a stand

California’s #CounterResistance to “Sanctuary State” law continues to grow, more cities consider taking a stand

The movement shows there is a lot of “Flyover State” that Sacramento forgot to consider.

In the wake of San Diego County’s formal support of the federal lawsuit against California’s SB54, the “Sanctuary State” rules, another California city has voted to join the #CounterResistance.

The city council of Beaumont — a Riverside County city with a population of nearly 37,000 — voted 3-2 to approve a resolution that declares Senate Bill 54, the “California Values Act,” is incompatible with federal law and, therefore, illegitimate. The vote followed a lengthy debate and impassioned comments from the audience, which filled both chambers and an overflow room.
 Tuesday night’s vote makes Beaumont the first city in the Inland Empire to join the anti-sanctuary state movement.

..[A] citizen who had asked the council to put the issue on the agenda says taking a position wouldn’t necessarily cost anything.

“I would like to see them do a resolution to say we support the federal government,” Beaumont resident Glenn Stull said. “We believe in law and order, cooperation with the federal government.”

More than 60 people spoke to the council — some local residents, some from other parts of Southern California.

The #CounterResistance is poised to expand to other California counties rapidly. Paso Robles could become the first city in San Luis Obispo County to take a stand against SB54 (also known as the “California Values Act”), which prevents local law enforcement agencies from participating in U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts.

City Council members began considering whether to oppose Senate Bill 54, which became state law in October, at Tuesday night’s meeting. More than a dozen residents addressed the council, many of them urging leaders to fight the law that prevents local law enforcement agencies from participating in U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) efforts.

Prior to the public comment period, Mayor Steve Martin said the council would wait to make a decision until the next meeting, after an attendee accused the city of violating the Brown Act because he could not find the text of the staff report before the meeting. .

The City Council of Waterford, Stanislaus County’s second-smallest city, is also considering a resolution to side with the federal government’s lawsuit challenging Senate Bill 54.

City Councilman Joshua Whitfield’s proposal coincides with a reaction against SB 54 from cities and counties controlled by conservative elected officials.

“First and foremost, when I served in the military and when I serve in public office, I take an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States,” Whitfield said. “I take that pretty seriously and think (SB 54) is a gross overreach of state authority.

The remaining cities in this state are becoming a battleground between SB54 supporters and those keen to join the federal challenge. Dawn Wildman, Director of the Coalition for Policy Reform, offers details on the battle for Santa Clarita.

We know that pro-Sanctuary State groups are heavily focused on Santa Clarita, and they demonstrated this  by their involvement in the recent Santa Clarita Signal poll, questioning if Santa Clarita should challenge SB54. The City Council will vote on a resolution regarding the federal lawsuit My 8.  We really need those opposed to SB54 and who support the administration’s immigration policies to contact the Santa Clarita City Council.

In the rush to #Resist, California’s politicians in the San Francisco-Sacramento corridor forgot there was “Flyover State” that obviously did not want the “Sanctuary State” laws imposed on their jurisdictions. The expanding #CounterResistance is now being followed closely by Americans everywhere…even in the White House.


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The Left has always been a minority with an outsized voice. Their original insistence was that we tolerate them, which over time morphed into a demand that we accept them. The Obama years gave the most radical lefties a seat at the table of governance, so it’s no wonder that they’ve become a minority with an even louder and more obnoxious, dictatorial bent. They have actually adopted the behaviors they originally railed against, although I’ll admit you probably have to be somewhere in your 60s or 70s to have witnessed their complete evolution.

    oldgoat36 in reply to Merlin. | April 20, 2018 at 10:29 am

    They have a outsized voice, but there are enclaves where the left thrive and have significant numbers. The followers of the indoctrination are fooled by the shiny objects of their personal affections, usually permissiveness of questionable morality, where those things are forced into mainstream acceptance, even if it is detrimental to society. Reality can force some changes within them, but they get into group think, and come to believe the mantras even if they find them repugnant. It is why so many have gone into politics, as it is the means of pushing their agendas even if a majority of any size is against it. Remember how California had voted down same sex marriage, but that got over turned by the politicians claiming that the voters didn’t understand what they were doing. (Yes, it has become moot due to the Supreme Court ruling, yet another means the left do to push their way.)

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Merlin. | April 22, 2018 at 9:24 am

    When Hillary talks about deplorables, it is doublespeak for her voters, generational welfare queens and their studs, illegals and self professed refugees hot to be just like domestic welfare queens. The last thing America needs is a huge influx of people with low intellectual capacity from S-hole areas of the world. Yes, Trump pegged them correctly.

Never forget our brothers and sisters in California trying to fight the good fight. I know it’s tempting to write-off Cali since it’s such a basket-case, but we’d be writing off a lot of good people as well. I honestly don’t know how they maintain hope though.

    oldgoat36 in reply to aka Hoss. | April 20, 2018 at 10:32 am

    Even more concerning is a lot of Californians of the left persuasion have moved into Texas, and those who have moved are doing all they can to push Texas leftward.

Do I hear the sound of the Overton Window sliding? How long ago was it that one could not discuss immigration reform in public?

Sacramento is not doing this because they FORGOT about all of the people in the flyover state, they are doing this because they are fully aware of those people.

They understand perfectly well that if the CA gets a handle on the illegal immigration and improves voter integrity that “normal” people will boot them and their great bullet train robbery will end.

They know they are ticking off large numbers of legal residents, including increasing numbers of those described by Oldgoat above. But desperate times require desperate measures. They HAVE to have the illegal votes to win. It’s really that simple.

Civil war in Kalifornia?

JusticeDelivered | April 22, 2018 at 9:34 am

What California needs is a massive door to door sweep starting in the north, then all the way to the southern border, driving all illegals out.
Think about all the problems this would solve, less demand for housing and more reasonable prices, less water consumption, less pollution, less traffic. It sounds to me like most people in the state would be ecstatic with the outcome.